How Well Have You Explored Your Own City?

When I used to work, I frequently used to say, “when I travel I want to put at least 400-500 kilometers between me and home, the more the better!” And I usually did that. In the process I have hardly explored my own backyard.


Expedia’s Now and Then

The most recent round of realization came after looking at some ‘then and now’ India pictures at Expedia India’s website.


Humayun’s Tomb- Then and Now!

The Humayun’s Tomb particularly accentuated my guilt as I have not visited even that famous monument. So that prompted for the search- what have I seen of Delhi? The answer is paltry little. Here is the short list of places I have explored.

Ashoka Rock Edict


A Shed Like Structure to Protect the Ashoka’s Rock Edict

Ashoka Rock Edict is more a tale of how not to preserve our history than anything else. Ashoka was one of the few emperors who is addressed as ‘The Great’in our history and yet his rock edict lies in a sorry sate.

Agrasen Ki Baoli

Agrasen Ki Baoli is right in the center of Connaught Place. Barakhamba Road Metro station is the closest metro station. It is a grand baoli (stepwell). My only tip is to avoid the weekends as it gets too crowded then. Weekdays are the best to visit this grand structure.

Qutub Minar

I have been to Qutub Minar a few times. But the most memorable was the trip with my daughter when she was small. Photography took a back seat as she would run around everywhere and she was fast even then! How much she has grown up and how much she has traveled since then!

Chandni Chowk

I have been to Chandni Chowk a few times. I took Chhavi there too. But it is way too crowded for my liking. Still, it gives amazing photo opportunities and a foodie’s delight.

Dilli Haat (INA)

There are more than one Dilli Haat’s and out favorite is the INA one as it is closer to us. Dilli Haat is a riot of colors and that is why I like going there again and again. It has some good food too, though Chandni Chowk is way above on the food scene.

Hauz Khas


Hauz Khas is more known for its trendy restaurants but I equally like the ruins and the lake in the middle of the city. It is ideal to go around sunset.

Every winter I vow that I explore the nearby areas more and yet I have not been able to add much to this small list. Let’s see how will I fare this winter!

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31 thoughts on “How Well Have You Explored Your Own City?”

  1. I had once taken stock of where all have a I travelled in Delhi and the realisation made me ashamed of myself. Out I went on the HOHO bus and explored it like anything! I am in love with the monuments of Delhi and dont think there is any other city with such a terrific mix of the old and new in it!

  2. I have seen all these spots in Delhi except Ashoka Rock . I read about it only in your blog . I went Delhi a day particularly to visit this site but could not found as google map was not showing in their map , But I will go again and will visit it anyhow . Thank you for presenting Delhi in a different way .

  3. You said it Mridula , we hardly explore our own backyard. Whenever I visit any hotel for press conference , the schedule is so tight that I hardly get any time to click few photographs of the property. After reading your photogenic post I will try my level best.

  4. Studied in Delhi, but still have to visit some places!
    There’s so much we are yet to visit, that too in our own city!

  5. Have been living in NCR since 5 years but never got a chance to visit Humayun’s tomb. Lotus temple and tomb would be my next destination in Delhi. Your post reminded me. Thanks

  6. Mridula, I’m glad that you decided to post on backyard travel or exploring your own city. I started my blog on this concept only. The idea was to get to know my city better as there are more things to see than merely the popular tourist attractions that Jaipur is known for. Also, I wanted to share this journey. Other aspect was to show a different side of city which is so synonymous with Hawa Mahal, Amer Fort…and so on!

    While we are so excited about traveling out of town very few of us have actually explored out own cities. May be we are taking our own cities for granted!

    I have also written a post on this very topic, will leave link in next comment, in case you want to explore and read.

  7. I felt the same when we were in Pune. The nature and the western ghats in Maharashtra kept reminding me of the same in my own state Karnataka and that I have appreciated them less than they deserve. The native can explain certain things better. This post will be helpful for visitors away from Delhi. Beautiful pictures!

  8. That’s quite an interesting article about Delhi, Mridula. What you have said is so true that we forgot to explore our own backyard. Literally, this post reminds me to hang out this weekend in my own city.

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