Heritage Walk in Ahmedabad- Mandir se Masjid Tak


When I hear of a heritage walk in Ahmedabad City, I was quite keen on going. The walk is organized by the Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation and they charge just 50 rupees for it. The walled city walk happens early in the morning at 8.00 am and we were staying in Gandhinagar.  We still made it. … Read more

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Rani ki Vav at Patan is a UNSCO World Heritage Site


Rani ki Vav at Patan is a UNSCO World Heritage Site. It is managed by the Archaeological Survey of India. Outside the monument the board says the step well was filled up almost to the top when ASI started digging in 1958! It is difficult to imagine that such a majestic structure could get clogged … Read more

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Sun Temple or Surya Mandir at Modhera, Gujarat


As we took a turn to a side road near the town of Modhera, nothing indicated that we were close to the grand Sun temple or Surya Mandir at Modhera, Gujarat. Modhera wears a sleepy town look, which it is probably. The by-lane was dusty like it would be in any other place but the … Read more

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Little Rann of Kutch: Wild Asses and Flamingos Galore!

Wild asses in any other conversation might raise a few eyebrows but not when you are visiting the Little Rann of Kutch (LRK) in Gujarat. It is the sanctuary for the wild ass and as a bonus you get to see a lot of flamingos too! I am curious why is the Great Rann of … Read more

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The Handsome Men of Gujarat


What do you do after writing about women of Gujarat? Why you go ahead and write about the handsome men of Gujarat! As I said in the post before, I managed to click so many people because of Bernard, he is a pro, it was easy to stand next to him and click pictures. Gradually … Read more

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Beautiful Women of Gujarat


If you have been reading my blog for a while you might have noticed I hardly ever post people photos. The reason is street/people photography used to terrify me. Do notice the past tense, things somehow changed when I started photographing the beautiful women of Gujarat. Of course I clicked men too, but they will … Read more

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My Lastest Minute Holiday Ever

It was the winter of 2014. The month was January and I was looking forward to an International FAM. It was a wellness FAM with lots of Spa thrown in. That was the time when I used to work full time in addition to blogging. My leaves were worth in gold, maybe diamonds! And then … Read more

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Khamir Guest House, Bhuj

Khamir Guest House, Bhuj  is the last post in my Kutch hotel series. Khami is an NGO which was established after 2001 earthquake. Kutch was a last minute trip for me. Then you may wonder how I found out an NGO to stay with which charged 700 rupees per night in peak season? Part of the … Read more

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The Garbage Post

At the first glance the place seemed totally clean. Then I started walking on the salt, I realized that it was not so. Immediately after the platform you can get down and walk on the salt. People did leave garbage around this place. It completely stunned me. For me the landscape was so beautiful that … Read more

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Palaces, Museums, Shopping and More at Bhuj

While I was researching for Kutch (whatever little I could) I treated treat Bhuj as a stopover. Now that I have seen it, it is anything but a stopover. And I have seen only a little of what is there to be seen, even by touristic standards. So, here is what a full day of … Read more

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