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It is time to reflect on the year that 2017 was! It is time to talk about travel @2017! I did see a lot of new places and managed 3 big personal trips! So here is how it went travel wise!

However the biggest joy for me in 2017 has been Chhavi playing tennis. I was big on sports (though not tennis) right up to my Ph.D. days and now that she is playing, it feels like life has given me a second chance to enjoy sports! But I am digressing, here is how the year was travel wise!

January 2017



It was strange that I traveled on 1st January in 2017. I usually avoid new year travel because of the crowd. But we took our guests to Agra and Chhavi saw Taj Mahal for the first time! This was a personal trip.

Narendra Bhawan

Narendra Bhawan Bikaner was the first FAM of the year. Suryagarh and Narendra Bhawan are my happy places! Between the two, I have done five trips over the years! And I am willing to go back for more if it is possible!

February 2017



Sharjah was the first International FAM of this year with Air Arabia and the Sharjah Tourism Board. The destination amazed me in many ways, the Sharjah Light Festival was fantastic.

Surajkund Mela


I managed to haul myself to the Surajkund Mela in 2017. This was second trip to it. But I have concluded that it is too far off for me to really enjoy it. Weekdays are certainly better to visit than weekends.

SATTE 2017


Another event that I attended locally was SATTE 2017. It was a high to see my pictures displayed at the Visit Israel booth!

March 2017

Agrasen Ki Baoli


I ended up at the Agrasen Ki Baoli because the metro trains were too crowded and I needed to pass a few hours before I headed home. This is one luxury that I can afford as I do not work full time anymore.

The Mughal Gardens at the Rashtrapati Bhawan, Delhi


I have now lived in NCR for almost 2 decades and this was the first time I managed to see the famous Mughal Gardens!

Singapore and Myanmar

March ended with a trip to Singapore and Myanmar for #escapers17. It was a fun event and I developed a bond with the people at Accor Hotels through the event.

April 2017



Prague was the trip was with my daughter and niece whom I call double trouble! It was their first time in Europe and I think they liked it! This was a personal trip.

May 2017



May saw me visiting two countries for the first time, Spain and Oman! Both are fabulous in their own ways! The Girona Flower FestivalΒ in Spain was amazing.



Oman surprised me with its marine life. I had two outstanding experiences, one was Ras Al Jinz Turtle Reserve in Oman and second was dolphin watching at Muscat!

June 2017

Mauritius with School Friends


Mauritius was such a lot of fun as four of us, school friends went to Mauritius together! We have known each other since KG. It was one rocking personal trip!

July 2017

Bandhavgarh and Kanha with Taj Safaris


Taj Safaris is another brand with whom I have done repeat trips and I love their lodges. I have been to their Kanha, Bandhavgarh and Pench lodges. If you are looking for luxury I highly recommend them!

August 2017

Goa with Chhavi


Chhavi and I had a fun trip to Goa with Novotel Goa Resorts and Spa! It was a lot of fun for the kid!

Highest Blogger Meet at Ladakh

It was fun to be a part of the Highest Bloggers Meet at Khardungla with Scout My Trip and OYO Rooms.

September 2017

September was the month when I did 4 trips and I realized there is a merit in slow travel. Flying every week may sound like fun, but it left me so exhausted.



IBNII is a beautiful resort in Coorg with amazing serenity and food. I had a great time playing table tennis there as well!



I visited Ladakh a second time this year for an event. It was wonderful to visit Kargil for the first time!



I have been to Thailand nine times by now and yet I end up finding gems like Nang Yuan which completely took my breath away!



I visited Dwarka with Mercure Dwarka which is another Accor Brand. I was happy to end September on this relaxed trip!

October 2017

Safdarjung Tomb


I have actually explored very little of Delhi. So when a phone collaboration came in, I decided to go to Safdarjung Tomb. It was great to explore the monument at my own pace!

November 2017

Budapest and a Bit of Rome #sisteract


I traveled to Budapest and Rome with my sister. It was our first trip together as adults. And what a trip it was! I can’t remember when I had such a relaxed time! We have to do a repeat of the #sisteract in 2018 to another corner of the world! This was a personal trip!

December 2017

Narendra Bhawan


The last trip of 2017 has been to Narendra Bhawan Bikaner. The year has ended from almost where it begin! As I said Narendra Bhawan is my happy place, I know the people out there.


I have a lot to be grateful about in 2017 and I look forward to more travel in 2018! May we all travel more in 2018!


30 thoughts on “Travel @2017”

  1. Wow! It seems you had been to different corners of the world in the last year. Wishing you more travels in the New Year πŸ™‚

  2. Bindas….

    Truly i even cant imagine to travel so many places in just one year…too much hectic for a lazy person like me.
    It was really very nice to go through your experiences through your posts all over the year.

  3. Wow ! So many countries and their most beautiful places are in you post . The year of 2017 was really very fruitful for you and we can hope that 2018 will definitely include more destinations than previous year . Wish you a very happy New year .

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