Dress Code for Women in Israel

If you are in a hurry and you need to read about dress code for women in Israel here is all you need to know- you can wear pretty much anything you wear at home! The only exception are some religious site in Jerusalem where they require both men and women to cover their shoulders and knees. In such places, all you need is a t-shirt with sleeves and capri which goes below the knee. There, you are sorted about the dress code for women in Israel. But if you have time you can read further!


I Loved Her Green Top!

I just got back from Israel, I was invited there by Ministry of Tourism, Israel. In August it was hot during the day. And I loved the fact that you could wear anything you found comfortable and go about the place!


The Lady in Red!

I used my cell phone (Xperia X) to click these pictures. A cell phone attracts less attention than a SLR! It was easy to click well dressed women, they are all over the place!


This is Conservative Dressing!

While flying to Tel Aviv from Mumbai I watched an Israeli move- Apples from the Desert. It is a story of a young girl who runs away from her orthodox Jew family. Her mother used to dress like this in the movie. But then the orthodox men dress even more conservatively! And no one expects you to dress like that, not even in religious places of Jerusalem!


A Yong Girl in Tel Aviv

Youngsters dress like anywhere in the world! And they also pay a lot of attention to their phones! You can see the girl is dressed for a sunny, warm day!


Moms Also Dress the Same!

And then there were moms, dressed for a hot day too. This is the port at Tel Aviv and when I visited it was truly hot!


The Local and the Visitors!

I close the series with this shot of my colleagues on the trip with a local woman. You can see the sun was out and and the umbrella too!


On the beach swimwear is common both bikini and single piece swimsuits.Β To sum up, when I got the invitation to visit Israel, it was written in the welcome document that you could wear whatever you want. After the visit, I couldn’t agree more. Only the religious sights in Jerusalem expect you to cover the shoulder and knee, and it is a common in Buddhism too. I wore shorts and dresses sometimes and I just could blend well in the crowd. The dress code for women in Israel is pretty cool overall!

PS. I was invited by the Ministry of Tourism, Israel on the trip!

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28 thoughts on “Dress Code for Women in Israel”

  1. very interesting… I think your blog has the best coverage of prevalent dress code for women in world in different places.

    • Easwar search it, almost every place has a sense of culture and dress code applies both to men and women!

  2. Cool man!
    traveltalesfromindia.in is kinda ready reckoner of dress codes:) Great work, Mridula, it helps the prospective visitors and armchair tourists alike;) Thank you:)

    • Amit I do the search before visiting a country, particularly if it is my first time there! Then I try to see if it matches my perceptions. Israel was easy, no surprises there!

  3. Hi globetrotter! Glad tat you shared this info on the blog or else I was under the impression that Israel is strict in dress codes for women.

  4. I am reading a post based on Israel first time and it tells about dress , not for me , for ladies only . It was your very first visit to Israel ?

    • Yes Yogi and many more posts will come. truth be told the dress code posts do very well for me in bringing traffic for the blog!

  5. Cool, so I don’t have to think twice when I get there :D. Waiting for all your other posts on Israel.

  6. Good to know that they don’t have any dress code for women other than in religious places. That’s quite common in almost everywhere…

    • And in religious places both men and women are expected to do the same, cover the shoulders and the knees!

    • I do not know about that particular incident but even the official invite mentioned you can wear anything you wish as we are a developed nation. On the beaches too women in Bikini are common. I doubt if there would be any real change on the ground.

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