Novotel Goa Resorts and Spa- A Hotel for Kids


Our excitement knew no bounds as Chhavi and I were invited to stay at Novotel Goa Resorts and Spa for 2 nights. Luckily it was a long weekend so she was not missing school. But on weekends she plays tennis both in the mornings and the evenings but I could do nothing about that. Both of … Read more

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Goa- Hotels or Service Apartments?


Everyone goes to Goa for one reason or the other! I have been there a few times myself! I personally prefer South over North Goa. And you guessed it right, I prefer peace and quiet over party! Goa tourism manages to be in news constantly! If the tourism is high it gets written about, and vice … Read more

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Sunset at Cavelossim Beach, Goa


The sunset at Cavelossim Beach, Goa was special. It was beautiful because double trouble were on a holiday together. It was also the first family holiday we managed this year! We all love the beach and I am perennially on a look out for a sunsets. I could be on a look out for sunrise … Read more

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Holiday in South Goa with Kids


Holiday in South Goa with Kids was a fabulous experience! If you read this blog you know my kids are known as double trouble! Chhavi is my daughter and Vasu is my niece. Together they become double trouble. They have been to Hong Kong before Goa. While I was alone with them in Hong Kong, … Read more

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Parasailing for Kids in Goa


When we went on a family vacation, parasailing for kids in Goa was never on the agenda. But they managed to put it there soon and were done with it too! We finally managed to take a family vacation to South Goa this November. We all travel a lot, my husband does, so do I! … Read more

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Luxury Villas in Goa

Goa, it evokes so many emotions, from beach to heritage and everything in between. On my recent trip I had some off beat experiences like visiting a cashew processing factory which gave me a new appreciation about something which I otherwise took so much for granted. But when it comes to my stays in Goa … Read more

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A Food Post from Goa

After traveling twice with food bloggers on trips to Jaipur and Goa, I am slowly noticing food. Otherwise more than 10 years of hostel food simply killed all my taste buds. After almost ten years of travel, I am trying to revive it. Goa is known for its seafood but I am a vegetarian. However, … Read more

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The Beautiful Houses of Goa

I have now been to Goa three times. The first was way back in 2002 when we trekked with YHAI through Goa including Dudhsagar Waterfalls. That was the first trek for my two nephews. The second time I went in 2012, it was a college trip and we stayed in North Goa. This third time … Read more

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Sunset at Miramar Beach

I fret a lot if I suspect that nature would come out all guns blazing at a sunset and I am stuck somewhere while the grand display is on. While I was in Goa I was staying right by the Miramar Beach, at GTDC’s Miramar Residency. I theoretically had two evenings to enjoy the sunset. On … Read more

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Inside a Cashew Processing Factory in Goa

When you see cashew nuts what do you think? That they make for excellent snacks? That you can not eat the whole plate even if you wish to? That the kaju bafri (an Indian cashew nut dessert) tastes sinfully awesome? I too thought about cashew on similar lines, till I visited a cashew processing factory … Read more

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