Amari Galle A Bright and Cheerful Place in Galle Sri Lanka

After a 5.00 am flight hardly anything can make me feel cheerful and awake till I catch up on sleep! But the traditional dance from Kandy that was performed on my arrival at Amari Galle not only woke me up, it send me diving for my camera!

Galle, Sri Lanka

Galle is a quaint little town on the Southeastern Coast of Sri Lanka, it is my good fortune that I have visited it thrice. And I can go back for more.  So, when I was invited by Amari Galle for a trip I was happy to go back the third time. This was my second stay with Amari Group.

The Check-In

The Welcome Dance at the Lobby

The check-in for me was a breeze. I waited in the spacious lobby looking at the sea! In a few minutes I had my room keys.

The Room

Bright Colors!

All the rooms at Amari Galle face the sea! I Loved the pictures of the stilt farmers on the wall. The bathroom was extra special as it had wardrobe space, so I could mess up there to my heart’s content!

My Room at Amari Galle

I wold often go to the balcony to admire the view of the pool and the sea beyond. The evening room service would take care to replenish my tea and water bottles.

The Swimming Pool and the Beach

The Pool at Amari Galle

My first love are mountains but I enjoy water as well. I almost always try to check out the pool of a hotel! I quite liked the pool at Amari as it gives you a beautiful view of the sunset too.

Sunset by the Beach!

There is a beach beyond it but the hotel discourages swimming at the beach. But it is perfect for an evening stroll while the sun sets!

The Food

The Egg Hoppers

There are three options for dining at Amari- The Shoreline Beach Club, The Bommu Rooftop Bar and the Ahara Gourmet Gallery. The breakfast is served at Ahara and for me going to Sri Lanka means eating egg hoppers at every excuse! You will find then being freshly made at Ahara.

Curd and Treacle

I also discovered curd and treacle as a dessert for the first time. I liked it a lot. I also liked the fact that at Amari they take trouble to make a selection of vegetarian desserts available which are without eggs.

Indian Food

I do not look for Indian food when I travel abroad but if you are craving Indian food, the buffet has a big section on it. They have an exclusive Indian chef too.

The Breeze Spa

Breeze Spa

I had a one hour massage at Breeze the Spa at Amari! After cycling through the streets of Galle Fort it was a relaxing experience! What I also love about the spa is that the rooms face the sea!


Amari Galle

There is plenty to do in Galle and its surrounding areas including the famous stilt fisherman of the region. Here you will find two from India too! The whole belt from Galle to Merrisa has fabulous beaches. You can look at some of them after you have finished exploring the Galle Fort area. And Amari is a good hotel to come back to after a hectic day of exploration!

The Lobby for Late Departure Hanging Out

They also have a lounge with showers for you to hang around if you have a late flight!


PS. I was invited as a travel blogger to Amari Galle.

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16 thoughts on “Amari Galle A Bright and Cheerful Place in Galle Sri Lanka”

  1. This was where you met the guy who dives from rocks, right? 🙂
    Love that couch and the wall behind it.

    Egg Hoppers (we’d call them egg-appam, tho’ 😉 ) might be trending now; I’ve been seeing a lot of pictures of them these days. 🙂

  2. Egg hoppers looked a lot like Appams which I love to death.
    You are right about the artwork in the room- they are stunning and so very different from anything I have seen in the hotel rooms.
    Great review of a fabulous place!

  3. Beautiful pictures! I like the ceiling fan design.
    I guess, most of the Shri Lankans are non-vegetarians and its good to know that they are making efforts to satisfy vegetarians too in their hotel. Nice to know about your experience.


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