Dwarka, Gujarat- In Pictures

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I recently visited Dwarka in Gujarat with Mercure Dwarka. While I am not big on religious tourism, I do love to visit new places. And here is how I saw Dwarka, Gujarat in pictures!

Nageshwar Temple, Dwarka

My first stop in Dwarka was the Nageshwar Temple, which is a little outside the city in Daarukavanam. When we went there were just a few people in the premises. I like places when I don’t find them crowded. And you know you are in Gujarat when you see a chakda!


I soptted him just outside the Nagshwer Temple, I am quite impressed by their white stylish dress. I thought he has swag too!

Momai Mata Temple, Dwarka, Gujarat

We then moved to the Momai Mata Temple which is on the top of a cliff and next to a beautiful beach.Other than the priests of the temple, there was no one else at the place other than our group! Now that for sure spells delight for me in a crowded India!

The Momai Dham Beach

I highly recommend the Momai Dham Beach next to the temple! I am not sure if it remains this peaceful throughout the year, but it is a pretty place.

View from the Ferry Point to Bet Dwarka

After Momai Mata Temple, we went back to the hotel. After an excellent dinner at the Makhan Restaurant at Mercure Dwarka, I called it a day. I do not fare well with an early start and I had a 5.00 am flight. The next day I woke up fresh and bright and we were headed to Bet Dwarka. You need to take a ferry to go to the Bet Dwarka Island. While waiting for the ferry, this was the view and I liked it.

Journey to Bet Dwarka

Spotted this colorful boat while we were going to Bet Dwarka in a ferry. The people who sell you stuff to feed the birds, it is a waste. The ferry is crowded and there are hardly any birds to feed.

Display in the Bet Dwarka Market 

Bet Dwarka is home to the grand Dwarkadhish Temple. Photography is not allowed inside any main temples in Dwarka. The narrow lanes of Bet Dwarka have colorful stalls. If you are from a big city, you will find the prices amazing. I can’t remember when I came across such low prices last!

A Sadhu at Bet Dwarka

He was sitting quietly by himself in a corner in the main market at Bet Dwarka. I wonder what kind of life he leads. I tried to open a conversation, but he was not too inclined to talk.

Tea at Bet Dwarka

If you show me tea, I will stop and surely drink it! Looks like the Chancellor is scolding me for drinking tea and not beer!

Rukmani Devi Temple, Dwarka, Gujarat

It was a hot day, the day we visited Bet Dwarka. We went back to straight to the hotel for lunch and some rest. In the evening we went out to the Rukmani Devi Temple. You can see the main structure in the first picture of this post. The carvings above are also from the same temple.

Sudama Setu, Dwarka

We visited the main Dwarkadheesh Temple in the city but photography is not allowed within the premises. You get a far away glimpse of it from the Sudama Setu. Do go to Sudama Setu at sunset, it is a lovely place to spend sometime in the evening.

The Main Market, Dwarka

I quite enjoyed shopping in the main market in Dwarka. I bought a lovely earring for Rs 35! When the shopkeeper told the price, I could not believe my ears, I am so used to hearing a 100 before 35!

Another Gentleman With Swag!

I close this photofeature with the photo of another gentleman with swag! I met him at Bet Dwarka and I asked if I could click a picture. He happily posed for me!


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  1. Dwarka is really a magical place . it gives double bonanza as you may visit sea beach along with beautiful temples. Great pictures

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