5 Things to Do at Wayanad, Kerala


I had truly not expected Wayanad to be so beautiful! There are many things to do around Wayand. My list of top 5 things to do at Wayanad are as following: Jeep Safari/Walking around a Plantation A Visit to Muthanga Wildlife Sanctuary Stay in a Tree House Visit the Edakkal Caves Trek to Chembra Lake ...

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Island Hopping in Boracay, Philippines


Island hopping in Boracay is a must do. It is a full day activity. My itinerary included Puka Beach, Snorkeling, Crystal Cove, Cliff Jumping at the Magic Island and Helmet Diving. I would strongly recommend that you go to the Puka Beach, whatever else you may drop or add, it is stunningly beautiful. Puka Beach ...

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Borobudur Temple at Sunrise, Indonesia

By Mridula Dwivedi December 2, 2016 16 Comments , , ,

The originally suggested time of departure for our group to Borobudur (near Yogyakarta, Indonesia) was 3.30 am. I groaned loudly when I read that WhatsApp message. And then the members of our group argued for an even earlier start at 3.00 am because they wanted nice pictures of the sunrise! Have you ever met a group...

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Dress Code for Women in Philippines

By Mridula Dwivedi December 1, 2016 26 Comments , , ,

I started writing the dress code for women posts because I search for it when I am visiting a country for the first time. I disagreed with some of what I read after visiting a destination, so I decided to do my own series. Here is what I observed about the dress code for women in Philippines. My thoughts are base...

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Dolphin Watching and a Trip to Pigeon Island in Trincomalee, Sri Lakna

By Mridula Dwivedi November 29, 2016 19 Comments , , ,

My Srilanka trip was in June 2016. Sometimes I feel what I can remember about a trip after 4-5 months is actually what the trip was about! I hardly take any notes on my trips. I reconstruct them more through the pictures I click. But I clearly remember the day when I went Dolphin watching and to Pigeon Island in Tri...

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Mount Merapi Jeep Tour with Off Roading at Kali Kuning


Mount Merapi is an active volcano near Yogyakarta in Indonesia. I did a Mount Merapi Jeep Tour with Kali Kuning Jeep Bashing but it was a rainy day. Our start point was Desa Pentingsari. We got into open jeeps and headed out in the afternoon after lunch. Early on, the sky turned black and it was threatening t...

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Why I Love to Transit via Changi Airport, Singapore


I love to transit via Changi Airport in Singapore. Particularly if it is a long transit, I definitely want it to be via a happening airport like Chnagi. If you are at Changi there are many things to do. To make the most of the experience just download the iChangi App and get started. If you download the iChangi App ...

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Dress Code for Women in Indonesia

By Mridula Dwivedi November 26, 2016 16 Comments

I often try to do a quick web search about the dress code for women if I am heading to a country for the first time. But I could not do it for Indonesia. I had so little time between my Philippines and Indonesia trips that I just somehow packed and stumbled on the plane! But after spending 10 day there, these are my...

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Flying Economy with Singapore Airlines to Philippines and Indonesia

By Mridula Dwivedi November 25, 2016 12 Comments , , ,

My first trip with Singapore Airlines was a FAM in the business class. The aircraft was A380. After that I was a little unsure about flying economy with them. I took multiple flights with them recently. I flew Delhi-Singapore-Manila and back in October. It was followed by Delhi-Singapore-Jakarta. On the same trip...

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Travel Tales from India & Abroad

I am Mridula Dwivedi and I started blogging on 'Travel Tales from India' in June 2005. I renamed it Travel Tales from India & Abroad in 2016. Within a few months of the launch my travel blog found a mention on both the BBC and The Guardian. I also featured in a National Geographic Skoda Yeti Video. I was recently featured on Via.com

I quit my job as a professor in May 2015. I am having a blast ever since. I do not miss my work but sometime I do miss my salary! Somewhere along the journey I ended up acquiring a Ph.D. from IIT Kanpur! I now wonder why?

You can write to me at mridulablog at gmail dot com For advertising queries please check out my advertising page.

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