15 Things I Loved about Kumarakom Lake Resort

When I was leaving theΒ Kumarakom Lake Resort, I told Sanjay, “thank you for such a wonderful holiday, it was so beautiful, it was almost unreal!” Since then I have been wondering why I enjoyed my stay so much! I actually closed my eyes and the reasons started popping up one by one. I wrote then all in the random order as they emerged in my thoughts. And that is what I share with you today.

1. Are you sure you want to talk about all this?

When I reached the resort I was somewhat tired. Even though it was a 8.10 am flight, I had to wake at 5.00 am. The flight to Kochi was via Hyderabad. Then there was metro construction going on in Kochi so it took us a lot of time to get out of the city.

But I am so used to working on the trips that I automatically start asking questions. Asa Abraham, the PR manager asked me, “are you sure you want to talk about all this? We will discuss it tomorrow.” After a while when I again slipped into the questioning mode she firmly told me, “you relax, you must be tired.” And I was bundled off to a sunset cruise and then after an early dinner to my room.Β That really set the tone for the rest of the trip!

2. People


The Wonderful Staff of Kumarakom Lake Resort

Ask anyone at the Kumarakom Lake Resort for how many years they have worked with the property and chances they would tell you something like 10 years, 15 years, 7 years or so. People work there for a long long time. And that reflects in the way they treat guests. My guess is that the resort keeps the employees happy, and the employees, in turn, keep the guests happy.

3. Heritage villa with a pool or when I had the whole pool to myself


Mine for a Few Days!

I had a luxury heritage lake view villa with an attached plunge pool. In other words, I had a whole private pool to myself that was enclosed within the four walls of my villa, an ultimate luxury for me. I could take a dip in the pool at midnight if I wanted. It was also a first for me. In fact on this trip there were many firsts and there were many having the whole things to myself!

4. Having the whole houseboat to myself


Once Again- All Mine

Even though I have been to Kerala before, it was my first time on a houseboat. And then I had the whole big houseboat for myself. I went on a lunch cruise. Chef Deepak and his team prepared a lavish Kerala meal for me accompanied with a beer! My first experience on a houseboat has been out of this world! The weather was awesome and I hardly ever budged from the deck!

5. Having the whole canoe to myself


Beautiful Views on the Canoe Ride

Before going on a houseboat I went on a canoe ride through the backwaters. A canoe can enter narrower canals than the big houseboats. On my ride, early in the morning, you guessed it right, I had the whole canoe to myself. I sat on the chair for the first fifteen minutes. Then I asked if I could go sit at the front of the boat? When I was told yes, I remained there, firmly sitting on the front of the boat for the rest of my journey! It was a fabulous trip.

6. Food


22 Bottles of Pickle

At lunch and dinner in the main restaurant, they had 22 bottles of pickle! Need I say more? Well, I will say a little more, we had a staggering variety of South Indian food but they made sure that there were continental and North Indian food available as well. In fact the buffet was so nice that I never ordered anything out the menu!

7. Prince Charles’s Room


Prince Charles’s Room at Kumarakom Lake Resort

Prince Charles celebrated his 65th birthday at Kumarakom Lake Resort. I was told that for his entire team 20 rooms were booked in all. He and the duchess stayed at the presidential suites. And the room is actually fit for royalty! Among other things, it has its own private infinity pool!

8. The Infinity Pool


The Infinity Pool!

That brings me to the common infinity pool. My room was the closest to it and I went for swimming every day. I have decided that if I have a pool access and if I have time, I am going to work out on my trips! Otherwise there is no chance of me ever getting fit! And it helps to stay motivated if the pool is set in such scenic surroundings!

9. Beautiful Backwaters


The Beautiful Backwaters at Kumarakom

You can view the Vembanad from the various corners of the resort. It is a befitting backdrop to a very beautiful resort. In fact while I was swimming in the infinity pool, I could see local fishermen go past in their boats!

10. Heritage


The Heritage!

I asked people how old was the resort? They told me it opened in 2000. So I concluded that it was 15 years old. And yet it looked much older and that puzzled me!


Paul P John, Owner, Kumarakom Lake Resort

When I met the owner Mr. Paul P John he mentioned that his team bought many old Kerala houses, dismantled it piece by piece and then many such pieces were used to build the resort. The main restaurant was the house gifted to the martial arts teacher of the King of Travancore. I then understood why the place looked much older than 15 years!

11. Ambiance


The Ambiance!

The resort is constructed such that it gives the feel of being in a backwater village with coconut trees, water lilies, bridges and canals. You will find hammocks and benches to sit and relax! You can go fishing within the premises itself with Kavi, who was happy to teach even the smallest kid!

12. Meandering Pool Villas


The Meandering Pool Villas

Even though I did not stay in a meandering pool villa I loved what I saw! You would step out straight from your room to the meandering pool and go where ever you pleased! I was told that the families and kids loved it. But I was happy with my own private pool!

13. Ayurvedic Massage


Ayurmana the ayurvedic spa at the resort is a bliss. I went in for a rejuvenating massage and it was truly that, one hour of complete rejuvenation!

14. Towel Art


The Coolest Towel Art I Ever Saw

The first day I had two swans in my room. They were beautiful but I was alone. But the next day I had good company, there was this perfectly relaxing towel art on my bed! That completely blew me away! I even clicked a silly selfie with it, I liked it so much! It exactly defined my holiday.

15. Open Bathroom


The Open Bathroom on the Right

Most of the accommodations (except houseboats and luxury pavilion rooms) have semi open bathrooms. The shower was close to the pool, enclosed by the four walls but no roof. And I loved it too.

So this is a short summary of my stay at Kumarakom Lake Resort. I of course have much more to say!

PS. I was invited by the Kumarakom Lake Resort on this luxury holiday!

58 thoughts on “15 Things I Loved about Kumarakom Lake Resort”

  1. Wish the Kumarakom guys chose me too for this trip. πŸ˜› but then if wishes were horses even beggars would ride them.
    I enjoyed reading your experience thoroughly. It is indeed a ‘high quality ‘ resort!

    • Indrani you have been to so many places this year! Go take a vacation in Kmarakom too.

  2. Kya globetrootter…kitna jealous feel karwaoge? ;p just kidding. The towel art certainly makes you laugh. And the whole pool, canoe, and houseboat to your yourself!!!!!!!!!! How come?????????? I wanna go toooooo…..The infinity pool looks too good to be true. I felt that to be pic from Barrier Reef Australia. And 22 pickles????? No way!

    Such a lovely stay you had. So well expressed in your blog πŸ™‚

    • Thank you so much Shilpi πŸ˜€ It was an amazing trip! Quite unlike any other that I can remember.

  3. The metro construction in Kochi is really slowing down the traffic isn’t it? Good for you, at the end of it all you were treated to THIS.
    Awesome images, Mridula. I could stare at your reflection photograph (the first one) forever.

    And look at that towel man. πŸ˜€ Super cool!

    • Thank you Divya. For me too that was the coolest towel art I ever came across!

  4. what a nice trip . all was yours for some time , 22 bottles pickles also ? hahaa . These were not for you . but this trip is looking very attractive Mridula ji . Beautiful pics and a great detailed review. Thanks for sharing

  5. I enjoy reading your posts and this one’s a great experience too. Kerala is a state I have not been to yet. With these amazing pictures of just the resort, I am sure the state is even more beautiful.
    Nice reading πŸ™‚

    • It is indeed very beautiful. This was second trip and I loved it both the times!

  6. Kumarakom Lake Resort is without doubt one of the best I have stayed , everything is picture perfect.. Though I did not counted the pickles, I still remember the desserts.. I think the ones without egg were about 12 and I did not even bothered about the others… πŸ™‚

  7. A great read with some stunning pics, Mridula. A real tour, I don’t know when, but I’m definitely gonna visit these in my dreams tonight. All alone. Everything will be mine only. πŸ˜›

  8. I have never read a more convincing account of Kumarakom and the Lake Resort there. I am truly enticed. Thanks Mridula

  9. Ha ha I agree with Indrani! Your trip sounds super awesome! Glad those houses found a permanent residence at the hotel property.

  10. Nice pics & well written article. Good to know that the reviews posted by people are really true. Its this the best property in Kumarakm when compared to the rest? Is it also a reason why they are higher in cost compared to the the rest in vicinity?
    Are properties like Coconut Lagoon in Kumrakom any better in terms of the quality & overall experience?
    Planning a trip next month but a bit confused between the 2 properties…

    • If it is the best or not I would not know as I have not stayed at any other properties in Kumarakom! The whole region is beautiful so I am sure you will enjoy your trip.

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