So You Want to Quit Your Studies and do Travel Blogging?

I quit my job about 4 years ago, I was totally not planning on it. I often say I do not miss work, but I certainly miss my salary. My blogging income is nowhere near my professor’s salary. But since I quit my job, it is assumed I quit it for traveling. Here is what I wrote after six months of quitting my job, it is in no way glamorous!

Today I was looking at my Instagram message requests, when I decided to reply to a young boy. To everyone who asks me about quitting their studies or jobs, you will be directed to this post. It is an actual conversation which I have edited minimally for clarity. There is no identifying information about the person who had this conversation with me. So here we go! The boy goes by the acronym YB for young boy and I am ME! Text in the parenthesis is mine added for clarity!

YB: Hello ma’am I want to be a travel blogger please help me

ME: Good luck if you have a specific question do let me know

YB: Ma’am i need a little bit of guidance…pls if u can show me the path

YB: Ma’am if u wish i can tell u my whole journey

ME: Not possible

ME: You need to start a blog somewhere

ME: Or be active on Instagram

ME: Also no point of a private profile (YBs profile is private on Instagram)

ME: Sponsors can’t view it

YB: Ma’am i want to make it as a career

YB: My only passion and love all my life has been to travel and travel

YB: And i do it for my own happiness

YB: I just hate sitting in a classroom listening boring lectures

YB: Ma’am i dont want to kill my passion

ME: I was a professor before I quit giving those boring lectures

YB: Oops sorry mam

ME: Worked for 13 years full time

ME: Saved money

ME: Husband still works full time

ME: Answer the question for yourself- where will the money come from?

ME: And you are sorted

YB: Ma’am if i do good work which impresses people..somehow things would work out

ME: Too many people thinking the same, buying followers …

ME: Try side by side

ME: I make nowhere near my salary from blogging

YB: Ma’am i made a vlog and showed it to my frns..

YB: They liked it

ME: Show it to a sponsor and see if anything happens

ME: Try side by side

YB: I don’t know any sponsor

ME: Search on Instagram

ME: Connect with them

ME: Message them

ME: The companies you want to work with

YB: I just want to show true nature to people…

YB: Is there any particular company

ME: You have to think about it

YB: Mam how to search for companies..

ME: Using the search button (on Instagram)

ME: Or Google

Me: I would search for example Samsung

ME: If I wanted a cell phone company

YB: Mam i want to tell one thing

YB: When i made my first travel vlog..the energy i received was felt i was very happy..and suddenly as if i became a new person

YB: Thats when i found that this is my passion

YB: Now i don’t want to leave this

ME: Yes good luck

ME: Try it out while studying

YB: Ma’am the study is like a burden on me

ME: Beta (son) you are a burden on your family

ME: Who are educating you

ME: Become independent and do whatever you want

ME: You are talking to the wrong blogger

ME: I would never advice you to quit

ME: If my daughter did this I would ask her to finance it herself

YB: Ok ma’am

ME: Take care, use your free time to follow your passion

ME: And complete that degree or school

YB: Ok ma’am

ME: What do you study

YB: I m doing MBA

ME: What is the fees

YB: 10 lakhs

ME: Who paid it?

YB: Parents

ME: See, you would value it much more if you arranged it.

ME: Got a loan

ME: Paid your own fees

YB: Ma’am had i arranged it..i wouldn’t have done it in the first place

YB: I just randomly gave the MBA entrance and got 98%ile

YB: So i have to join it

ME: They (YB’s parents) could have gone on a trip to Europe instead of paying your fees!

ME: Now that you have joined do justice to their money

ME: Don’t let it go down the drain

YB: And should continue doing something where i don’t have interest…

ME: Should have thought about it before you took admission

ME: You think blogging is fun?

YB: Ma’am i told u i want to make it as a career

ME: Yes but use it (MBA) to get a job

ME: There is no fairy tale in blogging

ME: It is not vacation

ME: And it won’t give you money for years to come

ME: Who will pay for your travel

YB: Ma’am when u like something u just arrange somehow

ME: Yes just repay that 10 lakh and do whatever you want

ME: I know the value of 10 lakh

ME: If my child wasted it I would ask it back and go on a trip to Antarctica

YB: Mam its not that…i would get the job..but doing that won’t give me satisfaction

ME: Yes so change your career

ME: Your parents money was not plucked from a tree

ME: Once you are earning your own money use it to fuel your passion

ME: No one will bother you then.

ME: And as the saying goes you get to know aate dal ka bhav or the cost of visa and flight tickets

YB: Ok ma’am..i would make it a side career

ME: Yes and switch once you are confident.

ME: Bye for now and good luck

YB: Thank u ma’am

ME: You are welcome

24 thoughts on “So You Want to Quit Your Studies and do Travel Blogging?”

  1. Many of us having the same self doubt ,, whether to fulfill the dream or to do the same routine activities…WHAT we should look for is CLARITY of mind or CONFIDENCE !!! Mridula ji, can you please put more clarity on this?BTW.thanks for your practical guidance?

    • Why are they mutually exclusive? Earn money and travel! Or become that hot shot blogger and travel. Be independent, Do whatever you want. Take charge of whatever you wish to do.

  2. I have had so many similar conversations. They think it is easy after seeing us make it work. And when I tell them that I have another business and that is how I make it work, they will stop pestering me. All they see is the free travel. But nothing is free in life.

  3. We can relate to this discussion as many of the young generations watching vlogs on youtube reading traveling blogs with photographs regularly. They do not see the struggle and money back-up vloggers have but concentrate on the lavish life they are living in. You have given the best lesson to YB that only a real blogger can present. Well done!

  4. Hello Ma’m, this conversation was so true to reality, infact, i also plan of quitting my job and start travel blogging. I am a middle level management employee at a big corporate. Pictures seem so rosy.. but they then just seem so. But I wonder how the foreign nationals simply quit everything(including country, home family) and just start their wanderlust also claim to be earning money while travelling? How the solo female travelers r not worried about their safety and that they may run out of money?

  5. Such practical advices’s youth is prevailaged and dont vue the money..They thinks Its good to follow passion bt first learn the lessons of finance and first make it as a part time ,if you can know your abilities than make it as a full time career

  6. What a beautiful advice to the YB in very common words really impressed

    Love to read your blogs

    Keep posting

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