A Glimpse of the Guntur Chilli Market

I recently visited Viayawada, Andhra Pradesh on an invitation from Novotel Vijayawada Varun Hotel. A trip to the Chili Market was on my itinerary and I am glad I went.

Even though the distance between Viaywada and Guntur is 38 kilometers it didn’t take us too long to reach there. At first glance the Guntur Chilli Market looks like a long row of tin sheds full of gunny bags! I must have missed the morning rush when most of the trade happens. The market was relatively quiet in the afternoon.

The pungent spicy smell of chilli was hanging in the air. I was looking for a lot of red in my pictures. Our initial round of the market yielded more gunny bags and trucks. I learned that Teja is the most famous brand in the market.

Then we came across a small patch of red chilies spread on the ground. I got out of the hotel car to click a few pictures. However, it was the smell that got to me! I sneezed and coughed for a while but I continued taking pictures.

I walked around a little only to find more gunny bags! I turned back to the car and we started driving out till we found my magical spot!

Don’t get me wrong, I do wonder how in the world the women manage to sort chillis with such good grace but the greedy photographer in me wanted those pictures. The ladies did ask me is I spoke any Telugu which I unfortunately do not.

Finding the way to the market was easy with Google Maps. At the gate they let our car go in. And needless to say we were the only tourists in the whole market! I so love going to off beat places and Guntur Chilli Market is one heck of an off beat place!

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  1. A lovely short read. Strangely, till date I haven’t visited any part of Andhra Pradesh. Hopefully, more pieces like yours should be able to motivate me.

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