Remembering Notre Dame Cathedral Paris in Pictures

Today morning I woke up to the news that the grand Notre Dame Cathedral, in Paris caught fire. My first reaction was disbelief but when I headed over to Twitter, I realized it was actually happening. My sister Alka and I visited the cathedral 25th November 2018 which was a Sunday. In this post I cherish the memories through my pictures!

Candles of Prayer

Even though I am not religious and I am a Hindu but I feel all places of worship send out positive vibes. Be it the candles, the faith of people or the scent lingering in the air through ages, we were immersed in the atmosphere of the Notre Dame!

Norte Dame Cathedral
The Grand Interiors of the Notre Dame

It was by chance that we went on a Sunday. This has happened to us twice now, in Budapest as well as Paris. We were lucky to be a part of the Sunday Mass at the Cathedral.

Sunday Mass Notre Dame Paris
The Sunday Mass in Progress

When it comes to music I have been called tone deaf and rightly so. But even to me the music accompanying the church service sounded divine!

rose window notre dame
One of the Three Rose Windows at the Notre Dame

The Cathedral has three Rose Windows and their fate at the time of writing is unknown. According to news reports the windows might have survived.

The Beautiful Interiors of Notre Dame

.I am sure it happens with you too, that you come back from a place, excitedly look at the pictures and then find them way too short of your expectations. That is how I never went around writing about my visit to the Notre Dame. The actual experience was so grand and the photos so ordinary! But now when I look at them after a few months they are my tropes to remembering.

Notre Dame Cathedral Paris
Glimpses of the Sunday Mass at the Notre Dame Cathedral, Paris

I remember clearly listening to the sounds of the mass and being awestruck with the stained glass windows in front of me. I hope they do a grand job of restoring the Cathedral to its glory. I also hope they will find out how the fire started in the first place!

The Twin Bell Towers of Notre Dame

I am happy to read that both the Bell Towers, probably the most clicked view of the cathedral, have survived the fire. Even though it was rainy, I rember standing there and soaking in the atmosphere. We had gone in early and when we came out we were surprised how crowded it was getting. But I am sure winter crowds are no match for the summer ones!

I am totally lazy at making videos but I am glad I have a few for my words are no match for the rich music that you can hear in the video.

One of our happiest memories around Notre Dame was watching the pigeons run around the people who feed them! I hope to go back one day and see Notre Dame all restored. My heart breaks at the thought of the devastation caused by the fire to this treasure.

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18 thoughts on “Remembering Notre Dame Cathedral Paris in Pictures”

  1. Loved all the pictures! Stained glasses are so beautiful and grand.
    The news of the fire is very sad. Hope it is restored soon.

  2. Yes very sad news and we all hope the Notre Dame Cathedral returns to its full glory soon. On the pics front I like the 7th number of the pic the most. This pic is serene but still has the grandness of the building encapsulated into it.

  3. We all were shocked after hearing the news of Cathedral. It is a big spot for tourists attraction. We all hope that it will regain its popularity soon and maintaince also.

  4. Precious pictures.

    Very unfortunate. Nice to see that people are willing to do what they can to have it rebuilt.
    Looks like those stained glass windows are intact.

  5. news that the grand Notre Dame Cathedral, in Paris caught fire. Me too read this news but its actual pictures are coming now from your side . It was very beautiful and your 3rd picture is giving a view of its glorious history and beauty.

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