You Think You Are Too Old to Travel?

Being in my mid forties, there are times when I question my life choices! I wonder what will happen to me when I get too old to travel. At times I already feel too old, particularly on a fast paced FAM trip.


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All my doubts vanished when I met the 91 year old travel inspiration, Elena Erkhova from Krasnoyarsk, Siberia. She is an Instagram sensation but she is even more sensational in real life. Right after meeting her, I told myself that the next time I started doubting my ability to travel, I would kick myself!

I had the pleasure of meeting Baba Lena as she is affectionately known, at the Yushin Brothers in Krasnoyarsk. I visited Krasnoyarsk with Follow Up Siberia after winning a seat in their second contest. It was wonderful evening where our hosts had arranged for us to meet various local people.


Baba Lena herself started traveling at the age of 83 “as she didn’t have the time or money to do so earlier.” (Quoted in the Moscow Times, do read the full article here). She has been extensively covered in the English media you just need to search her name.

It was a pleasure to hear Baba Lena talk. She had the floor in raptures with her stories though we got to understand her via our charming translator Lucy Dobrynina. One of her statements that stands out was “take everything from life, it is short!”


I went to greet Baba Lena after her talk and took a selfie with her. I generally don’t binge on selfies but I genuinely wanted one with her. We could not talk much because of the language barrier but the affection was unmistakable! She held my hands and asked which country I was from? I told her in English that she was an inspiration.

We had a group photo (first photo in this post) and then she climbed down the stairs with a young man who I presume to be her grand son (also seen in the selfie above)!


The next time you see me cribbing about my age, agility, capability to travel just remind me of this post! Meeting Baba Lena has been one incredible experience on the trip to Ktasnoyarsk, Siberia!


32 thoughts on “You Think You Are Too Old to Travel?”

  1. I can’t tell you how inspiring your post is. For how long can one travel? This is a question that lingers in the mind of every travel enthusiast. Your post comes as an apt answer. I loved it!

  2. I was waiting for this series from your trip to Siberia , I hope it will take us to a new world of travel . Baba Lena like people are inspiration for all those who hesitate to travel due to their age .

  3. This is the most inspiring post I’ve read in a few days. Sharing it with my parents and their senior citizens who often feel age is a restriction. I bullied my parents recently into taking a trip and oh what fun we had!

  4. I’m 60 and just starting to organise small, group travel programmes in beloved Sri Lanka, India and Scotland for older people – with a view to inspiring confidence to travel on alone in the future and opening up to connection (with self, with group members, with local community, with nature and environment), whilst exploring better ways of living and maintaining health to allow an older age of adventure – keep on trucking!!!…. Love love love the inspiring Baba Lena

  5. Hi Mridula,
    Greetings from Hyderabad, India.
    It’s really a great joy to meet you today via my LinkedIn page and from there I went to your Instagram and ultimately landed on your wonderful travel site.
    Such a lot of information with a lot of lovely images you spread all over these pages. I will surely read one by one and will share my views.
    It is indeed an amazing information about Baba Lena the amazing Old Young Lady traveler from Russia! As said she is an inspiration to many. Yes, Age is not a bar to travel she proved it right.
    Thanks for sharing more about her and your experience with her.
    Keep sharing
    Best Regards
    ~ Philip

  6. This is the first time I am reading your post. I am really amazed and highly motivated going through your posts. Your post just reminded me of a guy I met 3 months back during my trip to Spiti. He was 58 and highly energetic. I am looking forward to explore more about your travel trips.

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