What Do You Think About Videos?

By Mridula Dwivedi August 14, 2018 24 Comments , , ,

In the recent months I got a lot more request from sponsors for video content. Truth be told, videos terrify me. I am not comfortable speaking in them, I am not comfortable making them when I am at a destination.

But now that blogging and social media is my main source of income I end up paying attention to trends/change in trends! And videos seem to be in demand!

Now I could bury my head in the sand or I could do something about videos! Burying my head in the sand is my favorite strategy but this time I decided to experiment.

I get a lot of requests in direct messages for tips on blogging. People seem to have a romantic view of it. The one question that terrifies me is when youngsters ask me “how do I quit my job?”

That was my starting point. I made a quick video around it. I just kept the cell phone camera steady and spoke. It took me a while to realize that I can’t ramble given the attention span of people so I did end up shooting the video a few times. The question I was trying to answer was, so you want to quit your job?

Then for a while I buried my head in sand. But another sponsor came back with a request for a video and I was forced to shoot it! That gave me the push to shoot my second video. This time I had nothing to keep the camera steady.

Since I quit my job everyone tries to fit me into the “you quit your job to follow your passion” category. Unfortunately I do not fall into it that neatly. Anything in life is usually messy, including our decisions. So the second video is the take on “so you quit your job to follow your passion.”


This also quickly lets me know what I wish to talk about next, it is if I did not leave my job to follow my passion then why did I not go back to work? But that is a story for another day!


24 thoughts on “What Do You Think About Videos?”

  1. Mridula, you are right. Videos are in high demand. People prefer watching quick videos. Your both videos
    are good. Try recording with selfie stick to get a
    better angle. Hold the selfie stick in front of your
    face and record as if you are recording in the front
    of actual video camera. The output will be much
    better 🙂 All the best for the Vblogging 🙂

  2. Yah,this is now a days in demand…videos, most of the people preferring watching videos than going through any article.
    You have answered very logically about quitting job and being a full time blogger.
    Common sense must be there about …from where the money will come for traveling ????

  3. Vlogging is high-on-demand these days,and so are the podcasts. If you don’t like shooting videos, you may give podcasting a go. I’m hooked to them currently.

    On simply another note: Do you have any post about your transitioning from Professor to blogger?

    I mean, I’m not quitting-job movement right now but your transition sounds so intriguing. 😀

  4. Video blogging or Vlog-ing is most certainly a new trend. I would start with a disclaimer that, I am neither a popular blogger nor do I have Vlog channel. Still I couldn’t resist contributing my 2 cents here.
    My list of important (in no particular order) aspects for video blogging are:
    1. contents (preferably scripted and practiced in advance when possible)
    2. Videography (camera should be in the hands of another person or a stick or tripod to get the correct angle)
    3. Post Production (editing)
    My tween-aged daughter has her YouTube Chanel. I try to help her with that. You can check that out here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC-P4rnsnbnJHjq6hiD6Z3yg

  5. I loved both videos .You busted the nonsense about money not being important .Where will the money come from is a question only people who work to support themselves ask.No harm in experimenting with video .I liked how you spoke .Very to the point and useful.

  6. I’m one of those people who would rather read an article than watch a video. But I do watch videos of my favorite travel bloggers sometimes. As for making them myself, I do have a YouTube channel, but it’s been in its rudimentary state since forever! 🙂 It’s great you’ve decided not to hide your head in the sand – the results are more than satisfactory 😉

  7. mujhe to aapke post pdhna jyada pasand hai, aajakl ke vloggers video me sirf views ke liye kuch bhi bak dete hai lekin aapka content unse hjaar time bdhiya hai so aap bhi vlogging shuru kr do kam se kam sahi info to share kroge.

  8. I prefer reading than watching videos. Reading can often be non linear as well. I can skip some portions and go back to the useful details. Or read it all luxuriously over a cup of chai like I am do8ng now. Reading creates no sound and no one else is disturbed.

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