Visa on Arrival at Koh Samui on Indian Passport


Thailand is my most visited country, I have been there 11 times as I write this. On all my previous trips, my point of entry was Suvarnabhumi, Bangkok. And if you enter from Bangkok, that is where you get your visa on arrival for Thailand. However, on the most recent trip my daughter, Chhavi and I traveled via Singapore for a vacation at Koh Samui. Getting a visa on arrival at Koh Samui on Indian Passport was a breeze!

Koh Samui is a beautiful, small airport, much different from the regular ones we encounter. It looks more like an open air tropical resort than an airport. As you climb down the stairs of the plane, carts with open sides carry you to the main building.


As there are only a few flights landing at Koh Samui, the lines at the passport control are much shorter than Suvarnabhumi Bangkok. I think a lot of nationalities do not need visa to enter Thailand, so when Chhavi and I came in to passport control area, there was hardly any queue at visa on arrival counters.

There were exactly two families on the visa on arrival counter- us and one more! The other family was waiting for something, so I had all the counters to myself! As I have been to Thailand many times, I know they accept only Thai Baht for the fee. It is 2000 per person at the moment.

I paid the fee for both of us, got the receipt and proceeded to the passport control. There was a short queue, which was nothing compared to what I see in Bangkok. I was offered the express counter for additional payment of 200 Baht per person, but I did not use it. In Bangkok I almost always use the express queue as the wait time is anywhere from 45 to 60 minutes.


We stood in the queue for about 10 minutes, got our passports stamped. We ran to the luggage counter to get our bags! Our holiday has started! It was that easy for us to get the visa on arrival at Koh Samui!


34 thoughts on “Visa on Arrival at Koh Samui on Indian Passport”

  1. Perfect article. Exactly what I wanted to know, which many other sites didn’t answer well for me. Thanks.

  2. Hello Mridula. Thanks for this very useful information. Am travelling the exact same way soon and am trying to fill up the online VOA form. The drop down on Arrival Airport options does not seem to allow for anything but Suvarnabhumi International Airport. So I can fill in all other details but I can’t get the tab to read Samui Airport. Any clue how I can fix this? The flight number is the one that lands in Koh Samui anyway. Should I just go ahead and fill in the rest?

    1. The VOA is available only at Suvarnabhumi but don’t worry just download and fill in a normal form and present it to the officers at Samui. It is less crowded at Samui and you will get the visa.

  3. Dear Mridula,

    Thank you for the informative post. Appreciate the info. Had a query on getting Thai Baht in Samui airport for the purposes paying for the Thai Visa. Can we convert currency to Baht at the airport or is it better to convert it at India . Grateful for the information thnx..Nadeem

    1. Hi Nadeem, I am sorry I did not try converting currency at the Samui airport, so not sure. I had Thai Baht when I landed there. Though I am sure they would have an option at the Samui too. They surely do have exchange options at Suvarnabhumi.

  4. Hi Mridula, I am travelling to Ko Samui via Singapore. I have booked my flights in Singapore airlines (from chennai to Singapore and Singapore to Ko samui). The transit time between two flights is 4 hours only. Do I need to have Visa? Did u have?

  5. Hi Mridula – thanks for the information. Had a quick question – do you have to fill in the online visa application form or can you fill one in at the Koh Samui airport? Many thanks!

  6. Hi Mridula, we are flying to Ko Samui via Singapore and planning to have VOA. I want to know what documents we require for that and how much Thai currency is required to show for visa purpose.

  7. Mridula, this was some important information, thank you for that.
    I have booked my tickets from mumbai to koh samui via Singapore (Singapore airlines).
    And return is from surat thani to Mumbai via bangkok.
    So I will have to just get visa at koh samui. Correct?

  8. Hi Mridula, thanks for your earlier reply. One more thing I want to know. Can we get the application form at Samui airport itself?

  9. Hi,

    Was the visa available because you came via Singapore or is it available even if we travel via Bangkok? I plan to travel via Bangkok and if I can skip the queue and take the connecting flight to Koh Samui where I process the visa, I will end up having the same experience as you.

  10. Hi Mridula, I am also planning for same trip , does travelling from Singapore airlines require transit Visa at Singapore airport, can you just brief on travel from Delhi to Koh Samui
    Also on check in baggages, I hope it will directly sent to Koh Samui.

    1. There is no transit visa required if you are flying the same airline throughout. If your Delhi Singapore Koh Samui is on Singapore airline you do not require a transit visa in Singapore. Your baggage will be through checked in to Koh Samui if it is the same airline.

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