Soap for Hope- Meeting Stefan Phang Again

I came across Soap for Hope for the first time at Escapers17 in Singapore. That is when I met Stefan Phang, the man behind the project. It was my pleasure to meet him once more but this time in Delhi.

If you have to watch only one thing today, I would say watch this video! It would give you a thorough background about the Soap for Hope project.

It will give you a good idea about the work he does. He has a regular corporate job and this is a part of his work at Diversey.

Stefan is in India for a few days and we connected over email. He asked if I would like to join him for Soap for Hope in Delhi? I immediately said yes.

We went to the Vridh Ashram (old age home) at Kanjhawala. The agenda was to make some soap, have fun and in the end donate soap for the people at the old age home.

It was my first time at an old age home, and I have such mixed feeling. I feel happy for the people that they have a safe place over their head. But I am sure the pang of being away from the family must there too!

soap for hope diversey

Doctors for You is the NGO partner for Diversey in India. Tina who works for Doctors for You made a few soaps initially. Then they invited the senior citizens to try their hands at it.


People were reluctant to begin with, but a lot of people stood up eventually and tried their hands at making the soap. The lady in the picture could not not, but she amply conveyed her happiness to us about her day!


I had done it at Sofitel Singapore and I did it again at Delhi. And if I can do it, anyone in this world can do it too. Making the soap the Stefan Phang way is that easy.

We were invited to have lunch at the old age home. It was served to us with such affection. We had a hearty meal followed by good tea.

I later visited the workshop where the soaps are made in bulk by the people associated with Doctors for You.

It was a pleasure meeting you again Stefan Phang for Soap for Hope, more so in my own city! More power to you, Doctors for You and the entire team for the stellar work you guys do.


Soap is something we take so much for granted! And yet soap can mean so much to so many, less sick days, more income, and above all, hope. All that because of hotels giving away used soap and your passion to do something worthwhile with it! May your tribe grow.


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