Talking about Travel with RJ Annie on Radio One 94.3 FM

By Mridula Dwivedi April 29, 2018 12 Comments , ,

For me most of the opportunities come via email, be it a FAM trip, an opportunity to contribute to a magazine, or a radio interview! Recently I got a chance of talking about travel with RJ Annie on Radio One 94.3 FM.  It was featured on #MumbaiOnDeman #traveljunkie, we did the conversation via phone. The show was aired in Mumbai but it can be heard anywhere in the work via their webcast.

Later they gave me the recording of the show. I put it to some pictures to the talk and thought about sharing it on my blog too. Five years later I am sure I will like to go back and listen to it again! So if you click on the video below you can hear us talk and see pictures from the trips I am talking about.

I keep going back to Everest Base Camp Trek in Nepal again and again when asked about my most memorable trip! It was such a tough trek. At one point I wrote on a piece of paper, “beat me with a stick if I talk about trekking ever again!” And yet it is the trip I remember and cherish so much! This is the first trip I talk about on the show!


As I am growing older and doing a lot of FAM trips, I have started cherishing my family trips a lot more. I will always relish the fact that it was me who took my daughter and niece on their first trip abroad. It was Hong Kong for Disneyland and what a trip it was.  I am happy I took them together to Prague too! In the second segment I talk about Hong Kong with Double Trouble and a little bit of Prague.


And even though there was no time to talk more, my trip with my sister to Budapest last year was an epic too. I am already looking forward to our next holiday together this year!


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