Living in a Tree House at Wayand, Kerala with Pepper Trail

By Mridula Dwivedi November 18, 2016 20 Comments , ,

I have done three back to back trips recently Philippines, Indonesia and then living in a tree house at Wayanad, Kerala with the Pepper Trail. And while I was traveling to Wayand to stay at the Pepper Trail, the currency change happened in India. But the Pepper Trail is the perfect hideout to sit out all your stresses and cares in the world.

The Woodpecker Tree House, Pepper Trail, Wayanad

I lived both in the tree house and the old bungalow. This post is about the tree house experience. Imagine walking up a ramp and ending almost the tree tops! That is how the Woodpecker Tree House at Pepper Trail is designed. From the outside it merges with its surroundings but from the inside it is luxury.

A Racket tailed Drongo at the Pepper Trail

What fascinated me most was a tree right inside the main room! The main room has a comfortable bed, working spaces and charging spaces. Somehow traveling as a blogger has become about charges for my gadgets as well! There are birds for company! In the wardrobe area there was a tea maker with Twinnings tea bags. The bathroom has Kama Ayurveda bath products.

The Porch at the Woodpecker Tree House!

However the porch with the easy chairs was my favorite area. I could see owls and other birds high up in the trees sitting in the porch while sipping a cup of tea! The tree house swayas gently with the wind. I do not mind the motion, nor does it alarms me. I had a peaceful sleep on both the nights I stayed in the tree house.

The Common Area at the Pepper Trail, Wayanad

The common area at the tree house is a beautiful place too. I think I spent most of my time hanging out there. It is surrounded by the trees on all sides. The trees are bird magnets too. My best bird watching came by sitting in the common area at Pepper Trail!

In Middle of Tea and Coffee Plantation

Pepper Trail accommodations are surrounded by 200 acres of tea and coffee plantations. You can go for a jeep ride or a walk within the plantation. The walk to the pond is lovely.

The Pond at the Pepper Trail!

The food at Pepper Trail is made fresh. They serve both vegetarian and non-vegetarian local food. I enjoyed my Kerala vegetarian food immensely. The plantation coffee is amazing. I actually became a coffee fan for the duration of my stay at the Pepper Trail. I was ready to like the tree house more than the old bungalow but when I moved to the old bungalow, I realized its charms too.

The Ramp Leading to the Woodpecker Tree House, Pepper Trail

While staying in the tree house, I clicked the ramp a lot. The winding ramp to the Woodpecker Tree House was a thing of beauty in itself. At Pepper Trail the rooms have no TV. But then I do not switch on TV even in the rooms where I have them. I reached Pepper Trail after a lot of travel and chaos due to the currency change. It didn’t help that I was ill before my back to back travels. But my stay at the place was exactly what I needed, calm and quiet in absolutely green surroundings. Pepper Trail is the place to go to if you are looking for a tranquil vacation. PS. I was invited to Pepper Trail and I am glad I could go! It is a beautiful place!


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  1. This must be a wonderful experience. I must do this some day. I have seen machan at Pench. But tree house sounds so exciting and beautiful.

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