Trinco Blu by Cinnamon Hotels in Trincomalee, Sri Lanka

When I saw the beautiful pool of the Trinco Blu by Cinnamon Hotels, it was a feast to the eyes. It was a long drive from Batticaloa, where I stayed the previous night, to Trincomalee. I was for a long time in a moving bus and it felt good to be on firm ground in the beautiful surroundings. I stayed for only one night at Trinco Blu (check out their website for rates and more) but I know where the name comes from!


Trincomalee Blue!

If I had to name a hotel in the area I would also name it Trinco Blu for that special blue of the Trincomalee Sea! It is an apt name for the property by the sea!


My Room at Trinco Blu!

I had a cozy room at Trinco Blu, it was a bright room, right by the sea. The balcony had a sea view but you would find me on the beach much more than in my room or the balcony. I had a comfortable night’s sleep there. There was a tea maker in the room, which is the first thing I search for. The bathroom had a shower and was clean and comfortable too.


The Trinco Blu Blocks by the Sea!

To give you another idea as to how close I was to the beach, this was the block in which I stayed, and as you can see, I was right by the sea! It was a lovely calm sea too, the evening I went into it.


The Restaurant at Trinco Blu

The walk from the restaurant or for that matter the lobby, was lined up with trees. Some of the trees are really huge and old. My dinner was by the beach. I had my lunch in the main restaurant. In the buffet there were enough dishes for a vegetarian but in the Sri Lankan cuisine. It worked perfectly fine for me.


The Lobby at Trinco Blu

The lobby is done in the same bright colors as the room. It faces the swimming pool and the sea beyond. Based on my short stay Trinco Blu felt like a cozy place, a good place to relax by the sea!


Fishermen Boat!

However, there is lots to do at Trinclomalee, early next morning we went dolphin watching and then to the Pigeon Island for snorkeling and fun!

PS. I was part of the group of 60 international bloggers invited by the Cinnamon Hotels for the TBC Asia 2016.

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20 thoughts on “Trinco Blu by Cinnamon Hotels in Trincomalee, Sri Lanka”

    • Yes Purba but I didn’t get one good picture of the Dolphin! 🙁

  1. A great time you sure had…the pool is like..amazing!!

  2. The second picture is brilliant, Mridula and it highlights the sea’s exquisite shade of blue so well!
    The room looks quite comfortable, though I guess the highlight for me is the close proximity of the hotel from the beach.

    • Yes Arun the hotel is right by the beach! I could see it from my room!

  3. Trincomalee , I know it only for Cricket matches but now can imagine its beauty through your post !! Blue Trincomalee is very attractive.

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