The Winter Flight to Leh with GoAir

My blogging journey started in 2005 with a trip to Leh. Leh thus has an immense sentimental value for me! I re-visited Leh in January 2016! The winter flight to Leh was operated by GoAir. The trip in 2005 was a road trip. So this was my first chance to click the glorious mountains while landing at Leh! Like any good traveler I did my research. I was told that on a Delhi-Leh flight I should choose the A side window seat and the reverse while coming back!

I opened the GoAir website punctually 24 hours before my flight so that I could choose a window seat at the web check-in. To my surprise even at that early hour all but one window seats were gone! But I got 30A the last available window seat, it would have to do!

The Winter Wonderland!

As I was flying in January, the airport was on high alert. Till the Republic Day is over security at the Indian Airports remains high. I am only stating this as a fact, I would rather deal with high security than with a breach of security! We were traveling in a big group, we were on invitation from the Hotel Grand Dragon. It took us ages to clear the security!

Eventually I found my window seat in the plane. The plane was full of Ladakhi people going back home. There were only a few tourists going there in the bitterly cold weather. I initially thought the people sitting next to me were locals but I eventually realized that they were from Japan! I had a good flight, there was no turbulence. I bought a cup of tea in-flight and enjoyed it.

The plane soon started its descent to Leh. I was now glued to the window! It was a mesmerizing panorama unfolding below me! As there was no luggage space left on, the rack I had kept my camera bag in front of the seat! Everyone had heavy woolens in their hand luggage hence the overhead compartments became full! I put the opportunity to good use, I took out my DSLR to click the pictures at the landing! The Japanese couple sitting next to me passed their camera as well. I was happy to click for them, they like the pictures!

The Panorama at the Landing!

As we got out of the plane, a gust of icy wind greeted us. The temperature was -3 degree Celsius. I had a down jacket and an overcoat in my hand luggage. I was doing fine.

Even though Leh has become popular with the tourist, the airport is still basic. Even the doors were covered just with blankets! There was no real door. I wonder where all the tourism money is going!

On my return flight, the hotel did the check-in and I got a middle seat! I sulk like crazy when I don’t get a window seat but with some good pictures on the landing, I decided to be more gracious about the middle seat, I only sulked a little!

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48 thoughts on “The Winter Flight to Leh with GoAir”

  1. he he he …. how can I forget that day .. it took us ages to clear the security but that view was worth all the hassle πŸ™‚

    And the Japanese lady wearing a red coat followed you everywhere πŸ˜‰

    • It is a lot of fun in winters and it is minus the crowds! One has to just take care of the biting cold somehow!

  2. I had gone to Leh way back in 2000 too from Srinagar with an old kodak reel camera….can you believe it all my photographs were lost because the reel never loaded properly πŸ™

  3. Lovely pics, Mridula! I am travelling to Leh mid December this year. This is the first time I am travelling to Leh and am a bit worried. Pardon my ignorance, but Is it safe to travel in winter? Is the airport fully functional in winter? Thanks in advance!

    • Hi Faisal, you will have almost all the town t yourself which is a good thing. Where do you plan to stay? It will be cold and the usual altitude and thin air needs to get used to. Other than that I see no problems.


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