Haridwar- Say it with Pictures!

If anyone ever asked me which posts I like to do most, the answer would be a post with a lot of pictures and very little text! It will be a post like this one, about Haridwar pictures.


Colorful Bangles

Even though I do not wear bangles, but I know they will make for a colorful picture! My biggest quarrel with bangles is that they make typing hell! I clicked this picture at the Mansa Devi premises at Haridwar.


Conch Shells

The small vendors employ no designers for their display and yet almost always they do it aesthetically! They have even mastered the casual chaos look, like the one of the conch shells!



Once again I was attracted by the color of the big and beautiful heap! I do not put sindoor. But I did not buy it as a gift as well because I know it will end up in my daughter’s hand. And difficult to remove colors are lethal in the hands of children!


Sachin at Raju Bhai ki Jalebi

The shop is called Raju Bhai ki Jalebi but the person in-charge is Sachin. They make jalebi only at specific times. If you want to eat it you have to come then!

I quite enjoyed my hot plate of Jalebis! They came out right off the kadahi and I had to wait a while or else I would burn my fingers.


Where there are Temples there are Flowers!

Where there are temples, there are flowers as offerings. And where there are offerings, there is a pretty picture.


Everyone Loves Shopping?

The girl was shopping with her mother. The mother went about it quietly. The daughter asked the shopkeeper, “What is good among all this?” He replied, “Everything at my shop is good!”


Commerce by the Ganges!

At Har Ki Pauri, offerings and water bottles are a common site. Bottles are handy if you wish to carry the water back home but forgot to take a container with you!


Makes the World go Round?

Not sure what these old coins are for? Is it an offering? I hope it is not thrown into the river. That would be bad.


Ganga Aarti at Har Ki Pauri

The young boy had a front row seat. And yet towards the end he decided to stand up. People shouted at him to sit down but he refused to budge. I have to say he was the only one. No one else created any nuisance. It was a beautiful stay overall.

PS. My trip to Haridwar was sponsored by Alpana Hotel!

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33 thoughts on “Haridwar- Say it with Pictures!”

    • This was my first real stop at Haridwar or I would just go ahead and do rafting!

  1. Always wanted to go and visit Haridwar, now i guess will get a reason to visit. Especially loved the photo of the coins, reminded me of my old coin collection.

  2. Great collection of pictures. Sights from the streets tell us a lot about the place.
    The arti pic is beautiful. Love the light in that one.

  3. Beautiful captures. Liked those conch shells very much. Never seen so many of them together.
    Such a spoilsport that guy in the end.

  4. Such lovely pictures. Haridwar is my very fav place because of lot of childhood memories. Your pictures brought back those memories so wonderfully.

  5. Awesome pictures! My favorite is the Ganga Aarti and the heaped sindoor one (liked the way the sindoor and the marketing strategy for it has been captured).

  6. Haridwar , the way to swarg . never seen like this as in your post ! Ganga aarti recently can see in Kashi i.e Varanasi . conch shell are very beautiful and the old coins are always attracts me but these are too costly .

  7. Really nothing need to be said about the holy place Haridwar as the classic photographs themselves speak all of that.. A great Travel Post, Mridula!

  8. The beautiful pictures brought back memories of my own trip three years back. Loved the aura of the place. As I remember thinking, there is a an order in the chaos!

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