The Handsome Men of Gujarat

By Mridula Dwivedi February 23, 2016 41 Comments , , , ,

What do you do after writing about women of Gujarat? Why you go ahead and write about the handsome men of Gujarat!

Bernard with the Camel Man at Kalo Dungar, Kutch

As I said in the post before, I managed to click so many people because of Bernard, he is a pro, it was easy to stand next to him and click pictures. Gradually I started clicking people on my own.

The ladies in our group would call Bernard dadu which I presume means elder brother in Bengali but to me it always sounded like grandfather! I would tease him too that everyone was calling him a grandfather!

At Kalo Dungar

While our bus was creaking on its way up to Kalo Dungar (Black Mountain), the highest point in Kutch, a group of men with their camels came down to us!

He Posed Happily!

Sangram was also there with his camel. He told me the village depended on rain based farming too, other than tourism.

Arjan at Kalo Dungar

Arjan was selling ber at Kalo Dungar. He walked about 8km to reach the spot and he was all of eight years himself.

Cool Shades!

To this man, with his cool shades and horse, I only asked if I could click his photo, to which he readily agreed!

Mia Hussain Gul Beg

Mia ji is the sarpanchΒ (headman) of Dhordo Village, the gateway to the Great Rann of Kutch. They run the ‘Gateway to Rann Resort’ at Dhordo as a community project. There are pictures of him with Amitabh Bachanan and Narendra Modi! He talked to us about his village, which has three ATMs now. A girl from the village is doing her M.A., a first. He was so proud of his village and he credits it all to the Rann Utsav!

All Set for Business, Old Ahmedabad, Gujarat

I went for the heritage walk in the old city of Ahmedabad. Once again, I only asked him if I could click his picture to which he readily agreed.

All Smiles in Old Ahmedabad

It was fascinating to walk through the lanes and by lanes of the old city. But then it is going to be a separate post in itself.

Baba Wanted me to Click his Picture!

Baba was selling vegetables near the old Ahmedabad stock exchange. He asked me to click his picture and I happy to oblige.

Feeding Pigeons at Swami Narayan Temple, Ahmedabad

Like many others, he too was a regular at the Swami Narayan Temple and the pigeons knew him!

It has been fun clicking people, and now that I have got started, I am going to keep at it too!

PS. I was invited on this trip by Gujarat Tourism.


41 thoughts on “The Handsome Men of Gujarat”

  1. Wonderful clicks, Mridula. Each face narrates a unique story. But, I liked a lot the portrait of the turban wearing man, what captivating smile he has and how sparkling his eyes are!
    Tc, keep smiling πŸ™‚

    1. Nice one Alok! But the last line cracked me up. Couldn’t stop smiling πŸ™‚
      Sorry Mridula, but couldn’t stop myself from commenting either πŸ˜€

  2. Great portraits, Mridula. This is like a photo essay on the people of Gujarat. Did you say there was a post on women? Looks like I missed it. Let me go check it out.

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