A Friendly Football Game

Yesterday I took my camera to the park as I wanted to click flowers in the bloom. However, a friendly football game started taking shape in front of my eyes. I call it the Kids vs. the Giant. Kids were represented by Chhavi and her friends and the giant is my nephew Sunil. As it was Sunday all of us were in fun mood. This is one of my rare off topic posts which is not about travel. It was just way too cute, not to write about it.

The Start of the Game

The game started with just three players, Chhavi, her good friend and Sunil. It was actually quite difficult to keep all of them in the frame with a 50mm fixed lens. I don’t know why the kids wanted to defend their goal in this fashion as you see in the top image!

I Would Rather do Handstands!

I would rather do handstands!

Gradually the number of players increased but the frustration of playing against bhaiya (big brother) was on the rise. Chhavi wanted to perform handstands instead! It was anyway Bhaiya vs. everyone else!

We Are An Army Now

We are an army!

The number of kids went up and soon the goal post which was denoted by the two slippers, was full. Now where would bhaiya score from?

The Giant

The Giant Invades

However bhaiya got the line in complete disarray within seconds and every one was aflutter, running here and there. And you know what that would mean? He scored again! And he would celebrate as well after scoring!

The Team Went into a Huddle for a New Strategy!

Post Huddle Strategy

This was the last ditch effort to save the goal which was the result of a team huddle. I was a little late to click the perfect huddle! The result remained much the same. But bhaiya made them learn passing and played some silly games with them as well.


In the end the kids demanded that Sunil should kick the ball and hit the aeroplane flying overhead at that moment! To which he told them very seriously that it was not possible.

I remember reading knock at the door peep in with this giant who now scores goals at will! And now we sit together and discuss office politics. How time flies!

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24 thoughts on “A Friendly Football Game”

  1. Lovely photos of the very interesting match.
    Kids are innovative and creative powerhouses and very cute too.
    They are really a cute gang and your nephew was really sporting to spend such quality time with them.

  2. haha. I also used to play football like this. Don’t care what is going on, all I want to kick the ball, get it somewhere, and those chappals are always there for markings when you don’t find any stone or brick 🙂

      • yup, but it is more fun when you are involved in the game. Because it is fun when you tease them. And one of them will with a weird look, abhi chhota hoon, bada hokar dikhata hoon aapko.

  3. What a cute post! I’m glad you decided to make an off-topic allowance for it here 🙂 To be honest, I’m just glad to see kids out in parks playing anything these days… given that my own younger nephews and nieces are either finishing school homework till evening or busy with TV, iPads or videogames :-/ Loved your running commentary through the match. 🙂 And I wish I could still do headstands!!

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