A Parrotful Post- KL Bird Park, Malaysia

I will show you the parrots from the KL Bird Park (from a May 2012 trip) but before that you have to listen to my woes. Two of my trips in February got cancelled and suddenly I am left with a feeling that I have no pictures to post on the blog. When this happens I go rummaging through my folders and I am not enthusiastic about it. I would go ahead and add that it actually leaves me in a very foul mood.

And yet sometimes I do get a set of pictures which make me wonder why did I not use them before? There are trips planned in March and I have to somehow survive till then. Over to the beautiful parrots.

Blue Macaw Parrot

Blue Macaw Parrot

Bird photography is tough but in a bird park it becomes just a bit easier as you get to see a lot of birds in a short span of time! They are probably more used to human beings as well.

White Parrot

White Parrot

There are a lot of parrots in the KL Bird Park. I saw some right at the entrance. But there is another section devoted to parrots only and it was a feast for the eyes.

A Pair of Parrots

A Pair of Parrots

I would have liked to spend more time at the park but I visited it on my last day. And if I would have spent more time that would mean missing out on the evening flight back home!

Red Parrot

Red Parrot

So I clicked quickly before heading to the souvenir shop to pick up a bird themed shirt for my niece. I am so averse to shopping but I do like to pick up things for my nephews, niece and my daughter.

Rainbow Parrot

Rainbow Parrot

And no I did not miss my flight in spite of pushing it to the limit! Now let us see what can I find for tomorrow after rummaging my folders!

17 thoughts on “A Parrotful Post- KL Bird Park, Malaysia

  1. Amit Shaw

    Great One Mridula, I just bought Canon EOS 600D With 18-55mm lens…. Hope I will get a chance to visit the Zoo for Zoo Photography. I would love to hear some Tips for Zoo Photography? How to deal with Fence / Netting ?

    1. Peter

      Getting the whole animal sometimes is difficult because of surrounding fencing, workers tools etc, so I concentrate on close ups, especially if the animal is looking right into your lens. Eye to eye photos are what you want. Can’t always be done but when you can…. Fences are of many kinds. The very thin ones are easy to over come by moving in as close as you can and the fence disappears. Link fences are hard unless you can put you lens through it. Wood fences are OK just shoot around them.

  2. Mridula Post author

    Meena I thought so till the flight fiasco happened :D

    Thank you Arum.

    Thanks Niranjan.

    Thanks Pradip.

    Thank you Avinash.

    Thank you Ramakant.

    Thank you Tushar.

    Fayaz thank you.

    Anu hope it changes for both of us soon.

    Manish I would believe the kid I think I have seen them too in my childhood now that your comment jobs my memory.

    Bindhu do write them!

    Debopam thank you.

    Ladyfi thank you.


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