Glorious Sunrise at Lakshman Sagar, Rajasthan, India

By Mridula Dwivedi November 23, 2012 14 Comments , ,

When I post for sky watch most of pictures are either clouds or sunsets. I am not a morning person. But since I learned (and it was a long time ago) that the morning light can do wonders for your photographs I have been making an effort! I was told that the sunrise was at 6.30 at Lakshman Sagar. So when I got up at 6.00 am and saw that it was dark outside I merrily went back to sleep again. I opened my eyes with a lot of effort and saw that it was light outside at 6.30. So my camera in my hand I went out. Only to find no sun! I was left wondering why the sun was refusing to come out!

Sunrise at Lakshman Sagar, Pali, Rajasthan
Sunrise at Lakshman Sagar, Pali, Rajasthan

But when it came out, what a sight it was! It was a glorious start to the day and I was glad I made the effort to get up. And about the sun refusing to come out bit, well I think the sunrise at Lakshman Sagar was at 7.00 am. On both the days that I got up before the sun it finally showed its face only at 7.00 am.

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PS. A selection of my Lakshman Sagar pictures are now featuring on Rediff.

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14 thoughts on “Glorious Sunrise at Lakshman Sagar, Rajasthan, India”

  1. What a spectacular capture of an such a glorious sunrise, Mridula!! This one truly took my breath away! The sun rays are amazing! What an incredible start for any day! Thank you so much for sharing this!! Have a great weekend — hopefully with more beautiful skies!

  2. what a glorious sunrise! this is well-worth the effort of getting up early.:p
    i’m not also a morning person and my friends always find it funny that i make an effort to wake up early to capture a sunrise when i’m on vacation.:p

  3. Wow, worth getting up (early) for! Well, as long as you are in the right place – where I am it has been raining all day so it was still quite dark at 9 a.m.

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