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By Mridula Dwivedi April 10, 2012 6 Comments



I am really partial to flowers. And I am not good at recognizing them. But there is a huge directory of Indian flowers and I painstakingly browse through it to identify my flowers. So I realized that the one above is called Allamanda.


Peace Lily
Peace Lily

All these pictures have been clicked at Goa, at the hotel I stayed in, called Sun Village.


There were two swimming pools in the hotel and this one was clicked near the smaller pool on the top. It was very pretty and beautiful out there with lesser people around.

Purple False Eranthemum
Purple False Eranthemum

Don’t ask me why this flower is called a false Eranthemum. Nothing looks false about it to me!

Red Ginger
Red Ginger

I wonder who gets to name these flowers? Red is fine but why ginger I ask?

Blue Water Lily
Blue Water Lily

This is one name that makes sense, it is blue, it is in the water and well it has been called lily since ages I guess?

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6 thoughts on “A Flowery Post”

  1. Ah!!! so pleasing to the eye. I loved the pics especially the Red Ginger and Blue water lily.

    Blue water lily is a fav. I used to see them a lot on our busride to my native place (tenkasi) from Trivandrum.

  2. lovely clicks here yar…real soothing..btw, thanks mridula for those consoling words..and sorry for late reply.just returned to sharjah..am really touched..will stay connected:)

  3. Rahmath I also used to see them on bus journeys and always wanted to photograph them.

    Thanks Meena. 😀

    Thanks Debopam.

    Ramesh it is good to have you back, take care.

  4. Hi Mridula!

    Lovely flowers, all of them, beautifully shot, but somehow I love your Bokeh photography skills more than anything else, and not to forget to mention about your camera as well, Canon is producing just amazing results… hats off to you… await more beautiful and stunning pictures of Mt. Everest BC now…

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