A Waterfall Near Prini, Himachal Pradesh

By Mridula Dwivedi October 30, 2011 9 Comments ,

Recently we spent a few days at Jagatsukh near Manali. We stayed at the home of Mr. Ramakant whom Seshadri knows because of his trekking in the region. It was a fabulous vacation, particularly for Chhavi as she had friendly kids of her own age to play with. On the last evening of the trip I decided to take my new Canon D550 for a walk. Seshadri and Chhavi were having their extended afternoon nap.

I walked on the Jagatsukh-Prini-Manali road. The total distance is 6 km but I walked only up to Prini that is 3 km and back. Prini has both Club Mahindra and Holiday Inn and I think they have picked up an excellent location. I also saw a lot of signs for home stays along the route.

Waterfall near the Manali-Prini-Jagatsukh Road
Waterfall near the Manali-Prini-Jagatsukh Road

But back to my waterfall story. While walking towards Prini, I saw this waterfall and clicked a picture from the road itself. Then I walked on, stopped at a tea shop and then turned back. While walking back I realized I could actually get closer to the waterfall!

Waterfall near the Road to Prini, Himachal Pradesh
Waterfall near the Road to Prini, Himachal Pradesh

I quickly took the narrow dirt track and got close to the waterfall. Before I even realized my one leg was on one rock and another on a different one. I was still not happy with the angle I was getting, I wanted more of the mountain. Without thinking much, I was about to step on the next rock. But something made me pause. The next rock looked a little unstable. A voice in my head told me, “one more step and it could be a cold and costly mistake, again.” I heeded to the voice and decided to remain content with whatever I could click from the firmer grounds.

Waterfall near Prini
The Waterfall that Nearly Seduced Me!

So this was the last picture I took. If I could take that leap I might have got more of the waterfall and the peak in the picture. But if I missed a step the water was much much colder than Andaman and this camera was brand new as well!

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9 thoughts on “A Waterfall Near Prini, Himachal Pradesh”

  1. Julia whenever you want to head that way, let me know, I will put you in touch with our host.

    Anu it is quite close to Manali too.

    Thanks Ramakrishnan, I have already managed to trip with my first SLR on sea shore!

    Yes Meena, and this is a brand new camera!

  2. Quite the story! I’ve had some close encounters with unstable rocks and I’ve always taken that voice in my head pretty seriously. The last thing I want is to end up swimming with my camera, it’d be a long, cold and frustrating hike back to the car if I did!

    Thanks for the comment on DPS 🙂

  3. hi Mridula, loved reading your blog. I’m planning to travel up & off manali…. prini, jagatsukh sound nice & quiet… any suggestions on reasonable places to stay…. or other quiet locations to head too… off road driving is ok, as we have an SUV.. we’re really looking for a quiet peaceful place, acco in the range of 1200-2500 per nite..
    look forward to hearing from

    1. Hi Dia I somehow didn’t see this comment. As I said there are Holiday Inn and Club Mahindra as well as home stays in the area but no personal experience as we stay with our friend and his family.

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