Meet the People- Anita: The Club Mahindra Coorg Trip

Anita with the Entire Gang- Third from the Right

Anita joined us on the way to Coorg and the first thing that hits you about her is vivaciousness. She is high on life! How I envy her for her travels to Europe and Bhutan.

Sudhir picked up a lot of pangs with her but she took it so well in her stride. It was unfortunate that she had to leave early. Oh! and I thought she must be about 24 but later when we chatted for a while it turned out to be wrong. And no, don’t ask me what is her age 🙂

9 thoughts on “Meet the People- Anita: The Club Mahindra Coorg Trip”

  1. lol … regulars at JALS know her age ….. why were you half-drunk anyway??? 🙂 (Ref: Kodagu community blog) … Shortage???

  2. Seeji, thanks for the comment. Has my being half-drunk got anything to do with Anita’s age? 🙂

  3. Ah…Now, only if more people would think like that about me too i.e. I look much younger than I am…:D

  4. P.S.: I am reminded of an advertisement that goes somewhat like…Meri tvachaa se toh meri umr ka pataa hi nahi chalta…:D

  5. hey, thanks! haven’t had much time to read the blogs yet with work snowing me under! but was pleasantly surprised with this post 🙂 and thank you for the “agë” faux pas. that is always welcome! not that i don’t like being my age. it’s one thing you can’t change in your life and the best part is that everybody gets a chance! and i totally believe that women, like wine, get better with age 😉

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