French Food Fiesta at the Imperial Delhi

1911, the fine dining restaurant of the Imperial Delhi is hosting a French Food Fiesta from 12th to 21st July 2019 in honor of the Bastille Day! I was invited for the media lunch of the same! It is always a pleasure to go to the Imperial for they organize the events with a lot … Read more

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Vegetarian Food in Sharjah


What do you say if 5 plates out of 15 are desserts in my collage from Sharjah? Well, I don’t need to look far as to why I don’t lose weight anymore! I could find vegetarian food in Sharjah. Most of my meals in Sharjah were in hotel buffets. There was a reason for this. … Read more

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Food and Me- Stories from Narendra Bhawan Bikaner


What do I say about food? Food should be an integral part of travel but if you have been following my blog you can see that I hardly ever talk about food. Food and me, food is not my forte! There are many reasons for this. I will tell you my food story along with … Read more

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Vegetarian Food in Malaysia

The first time I visited Malaysia I stayed only at Kuala Lumpur and I always got vegetarian food. My colleagues took a pity on me that I won’t try their fish delicacies but I was content. At the conference that I was attending I would have to tell the server that I needed vegetarian food … Read more

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