Vegetarian Food in Sharjah


What do you say if 5 plates out of 15 are desserts in my collage from Sharjah? Well, I don’t need to look far as to why I don’t lose weight anymore! I could find vegetarian food in Sharjah. Most of my meals in Sharjah were in hotel buffets. There was a reason for this. … Read more

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Vegetarian Food in Dubai


Let me start off by saying I never faced any problem in finding vegetarian food in Dubai. Right off from the flight with flydubai to the last meal at MeliĆ” Dubai., there was always good vegetarian food available for me. I was pleasantly surprised by having a vegetarian option in the flight menu of the … Read more

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The Whole Earth Chiang Mai

For me the first day of a trip is usually the most tiring. There is one single reason which contributes to it, my habit of not sleeping a wink on International flights. As I hardly used to get time to watch movies, I would watch back to back movies in international flights and arrive quite … Read more

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Food Tales from Thailand and Cambodia

I have lived in hostels for close to 12 years and mess food killed all my taste buds. However it has been 11 years since I left hostel and I am regaining some interest in food. Mind you just a little, so don’t expect much out of this post. I am now going to talk … Read more

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