French Food Fiesta at the Imperial Delhi

1911, the fine dining restaurant of the Imperial Delhi is hosting a French Food Fiesta from 12th to 21st July 2019 in honor of the Bastille Day! I was invited for the media lunch of the same! It is always a pleasure to go to the Imperial for they organize the events with a lot … Read more

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Mother’s Day Pampering at The Imperial Salon


My association as a blogger with The Imperial New Delhi is an old one. I always love going to their events. For this Mother’s Day they invited me to The Imperial Salon for a pampering session and I truly loved it. The Imperial’s Salon is housed in a beautiful building. The Spa is open only … Read more

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Christmas Cheer at The Imperial, Delhi


It is that time of the year, when the weather is excellent and festivity is in the air! I was part of the cheer at The Imperial Delhi which was such good fun. As soon as I walked in I was greeted by this beautifully done Christmas Tree in the lobby. It has been hand … Read more

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Clash of the Titans at the Daniell’s Tavern at the Imperial Delhi


I have visited The Imperial Delhi so many times as a blogger that I have lost count! If I am in town and if they are doing an event I love to go. There is a warmth about the place that makes it unique. I visited the place yesterday for the event ‘Clash of the … Read more

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Christmas Banter 2016 at the Imperial, Delhi


It is that time of the year when the world gets into the festive mood; its time to celebrate Christmas and bring in the New Year. The Imperial, New Delhi celebrated Christmas Banter on 16th December and I was invited to the event. This was my second Christmas Banter celebration with them and I love … Read more

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Mother’s Day Special at the Imperial Salon, Delhi


When I was young, Mother’s Day was not much of a concept in India. But now in Chhavi’s school they certainly talk about it. She has been busy making cards for me! Then I got a call from The Imperial, Delhi, they invited me to enjoy the Mother’s Day celebrations at their salon. I decided … Read more

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Vegan Food at the Spice Route, Imperial Delhi


I was recently invited to try Vegan Food at the Spice Route, Imperial Delhi. The Spice Route is the South East Asian Restaurant at the Imperial. This was my first visit to the Spice Route even though I have been to the Imperial before. Being a vegetarian, vegan food is equally interesting for me. I … Read more

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Hotels Need to Be Convenient

If you happen to find yourself traveling then you need to pay attention to the logistics about the entire trip. If you don’t take the time to consider a few things about locations then your once mighty trip of relaxation and convenience to recharge your batteries will actually turn into the type when you need … Read more

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Christmas Banter at the Imperial Delhi


It is almost Christmas time and the atmosphere is festive all around me. I was invited a Christmas Banter at The Imperial Delhi. It was a pleasure to be a part of the festivities. The event was organized at the San Gimignano Restaurant. As usual I felt a bit jittery because it was a food event. Now that … Read more

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