Things to do in Sharjah


What is there to do in Sharjah? The answer is there are many things to do in Sharjah- from souks to walks to museums and much more. Shopping Even though I am not much of a shopping fan, let me start with shopping in Sharjah because that is the first thing I did there! I … Read more

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Desert Safari in Sharjah with Mleiha


It was a cold and rainy day in Sharjah when we were supposed to go on the desert safari with Mleiha Sharjah. Throughout the day we kept wondering if the Safari would take place or not? Luckily for us the weather did not affect the desert safari in Sharjah with Mleiha. I have now done … Read more

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Vegetarian Food in Sharjah


What do you say if 5 plates out of 15 are desserts in my collage from Sharjah? Well, I don’t need to look far as to why I don’t lose weight anymore! I could find vegetarian food in Sharjah. Most of my meals in Sharjah were in hotel buffets. There was a reason for this. … Read more

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Sharjah to Ajman by Bus


I sat down to write how to travel from Sharjah to Ajman by bus! And then I realized that all I know is that I traveled between the two points somehow! I didn’t have data on my mobile in Sharjah and that I can now say is a handicap! I didn’t know the distances or … Read more

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Flying Delhi Sharjah Delhi with Air Arabia

I recently had the experience of flying Delhi Sharjah Delhi with Air Arabia. Air Arabia is a budget airline with A320 planes in their fleet. They have three type of fares, basic, value and extra. The basic fare includes the ticket and 10 kg hand luggage allowance. The value fare includes 30 kg checked in … Read more

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Dress Code for Women in Sharjah


Sharjah, Dubai and Ajman are next door neighbors. My thought before visiting was, “how different can be the dress code for women in the three Emirates?” The answer is very different. I was in Sharjah for ¬†few days in February on invitation of Sharjah Tourism Board and Air Arabia. I was in Dubai in December … Read more

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