Remembering Notre Dame Cathedral Paris in Pictures

Today morning I woke up to the news that the grand Notre Dame Cathedral, in Paris caught fire. My first reaction was disbelief but when I headed over to Twitter, I realized it was actually happening. My sister Alka and I visited the cathedral 25th November 2018 which was a Sunday. In this post I … Read more

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Postcards from Paris


It took me a long time to convince my sister Alka to travel with me but we are now two trips old together, as adults. If you would ask me, I loved Budapest but she is completely smitten by Paris. Here are a few postcards from our trip to Paris in 2018! I have already … Read more

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To Paris With Love


We are continuing with our Paris saga, this post has been written by my sister Alka. We visited Paris in November 2018. Over to Alka. When my sister asked me, what if we visit Paris this year, my joy knew no bound. Paris always fascinated me. Being a student of history, French Revolution, the fall … Read more

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A Little Corner of Paris


This is a post by Alka, my sister about our recent trip to Paris. My sister bullied me to take a holiday with her last year. We went to Budapest, capital of Hungary. Now we have mutually decided to take a holiday together every year. We kept on discussing various destinations and zeroed in on … Read more

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When I Wore a Saree in Paris

Alka and I went to Budapest together in November 2017. It was our first trip together as adults! We also left behind our family to take the break. We wanted to make it a yearly affair and I am happy to say that we went to Paris this November! I am keeping my fingers crossed … Read more

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