Dandi Kutir- The High Tech Gandhi Museum in Gandhinagar


After a few minutes inside the Dandi Kutir Museum I was reminded of the museums in Sharjah and Dubai. I had seen such use of technology only in those places. So, it was a pleasant surprise to find such a modern museum closer home. Dabdi Kutir is the world’s largest museum devoted to the life … Read more

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Bank of Thailand Museum, Bangkok

I had the privilege to visit the Bank of Thailand Museum, Bangkok on one of my trips to Thailand. It is the first central bank of any country that I have gone near to! The buildings are impressive. I could not capture the main museum building but the whole complex is made of former palaces! … Read more

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The Museum of Floral Culture Bangkok

I remember The Museum of Floral Culture Bangkok for its fabulous flowers and cats! You read it right, the museum not only has an enchanting connection with flowers but also with cats. So, for cat lovers there is another reason to visit the museum. However, there are people like me who are slightly phobic to … Read more

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