Luxury Travel and Me


Ask me about luxury travel and I will go- nah me and luxury travel? I am not a luxury traveler. Recently I went to Kota Kinabalu with Silk Air and Sabah Tourism Board. I was showing my daughter some pictures of the beach and she asked, “so mama where is your tent?” And that is … Read more

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Winning a Stay in Peru with Belmond Hotels of the Orient Express Fame


I went to attend the inaugural Belmond Hotels media event at The Imperial in Delhi. There is an interesting story behind how I went to the event but I will leave it for another day. When I did a search about the company what caught my immediate attention was that they operate the Orient Express! … Read more

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15 Things I Loved about Kumarakom Lake Resort

When I was leaving the Kumarakom Lake Resort, I told Sanjay, “thank you for such a wonderful holiday, it was so beautiful, it was almost unreal!” Since then I have been wondering why I enjoyed my stay so much! I actually closed my eyes and the reasons started popping up one by one. I wrote then … Read more

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