The Top Ten Instagram Posts for 2015


I joined Instagram quite late primarily because I started using smartphones quite late. I clearly remember I was in Finland with the (then) Nokia for their Lumia 1020 Promotion. My friends from Nokia actually created the Instagram account for me! But I am hooked now. So these are my┬átop ten Instagram posts for 2015 by … Read more

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10 things in Singapore that never go out of fashion

Singapore skyline, view from the Garden by the Bay.

Fashion is dynamic; it evolves with current trends, fads and styles. But some things never lose its old charm. They always stay in fashion. Like no matter how many times you watch the sunset, you can never get tired of it. Likewise, there are a few places in Singapore that are evergreen. Night outs! The … Read more

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The Top Ten Posts for 2015


While selecting posts, I was sorely tempted to increase the count to 15 but in the end I restricted the top ten posts for 2015 to 10 only. And whatever may be my confusions at the moment in my life, I did feel blessed while drawing it. I wish I could draw from 10 to … Read more

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My 10 Best Travel Photos from 2015


It is December, it is time to go down the memory lane. And pictures come first. I actually scrolled through each of the outstation trip I took this year to pick up my 10 best travel photos from 2015. What surprised me was that some trips yield a lot of good pictures (Spiti readily comes … Read more

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Ten Things to Know Before you Travel to Spiti


Looking at your comments on my previous posts, a lot more people seem to be willing to travel to Spiti, Himachal Pradesh. To make your journey more comfortable here are ten things to know before you travel to Spiti. It might provide some food for thought as well! Prepare for High Altitude Kaza the district … Read more

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23 Tips for First Time Trekkers


I first went on a trek in 2002 and how green I was! I trekked with Seshadri (my husband) to Sar Pass in Himachal Pradesh. He had been on a few treks in college itself. The stories he used to tell were enough to put anyone off trekking for ever! Once they were lost in … Read more

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Countries Traveled, The Last Part

A while ago, I started country counting. My tally stands at just sixteen, or maybe I should say sweet sixteen. So I round up the tally with some of the beautiful skies I captured in the last six of them. You can see the first ten countries here and here. So this completes the list … Read more

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To Make a List or Not of Must See Destinations

I was firmly in the camp of not making list of the places I really want to see. The problem was I wish to see almost all the places in the world! I have anyway no control over who likes my blog and invites me! South Africa was not even on my radar and yet … Read more

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Travel in 2013- A Roundup

I have never traveled this much ever before! 17 trips in a year with a job was something I did not expect. Honestly I have to look at my picture folders to figure out I where I went and when! No wonder the brain feels like baigan ka bharta! I am not complaining. I am … Read more

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Sawasdee from Thailand

Sawasdee from Thailand. I have had a great time here till now. But being on the road for most of time meant no blog post. Today I am the Thailand Cambodia border of Aranyaprathet on the Thai side. So here I go, top ten things that I can say off my head about Thailand. Sticky … Read more

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