The Winter Flight to Leh with GoAir


My blogging journey started in 2005 with a trip to Leh. Leh thus has an immense sentimental value for me! I re-visited Leh in January 2016! The winter flight to Leh was operated by GoAir. The trip in 2005 was a road trip. So this was my first chance to click the glorious mountains while … Read more

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The Stunning Monasteries of Ladakh


I try to finish all my posts from a particular trip before I head on to another one. But try as I might, one or two posts manage to slip through, like the Monasteries of Ladakh! Every village in Ladakh and Spiti have their own monastery and more than religion it is their location that … Read more

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Visiting Ladakh in Winter FAQs

Before I visited Ladakh in January 2016, I had a million questions about going there in winter. Now that I have been to Ladakh in winter it is time to write about my experiences. So here are the visiting Ladakh in winter FAQs answered. If I have missed out on something do ask in the … Read more

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Staying at the Grand Dragon Ladakh in Winter


When the Go Air flight started to taxi at the Kushok Bakula Rimpochee Airport at Leh, they announced that the outside temperature was -3 degree Celsius. I am no stranger to temperatures in minus but I never get used to them. I was happy that I was staying at the Grand Dragon Ladakh in winter because … Read more

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Ladakh in Winter in Pictures


When you get to visit Ladakh within the first ten days of a new year you know it started on the right note. Ladakh is really special for me. It was the first place I wrote about on this blog! My life looked up after I visited Ladakh in 2005, I am hoping for something … Read more

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Going Nomad in Ladakh

A few days back when I posted a few pictures from my Ladakh trip, Arun asked me: “Would you be posting some kind of a travelogue on the places you visited?” Now it is a very embarrassing question on a blog named ‘Travel Tales from India.’ It is time to set the score right. I … Read more

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Shopping in Leh, India

When I visited Leh in June, 2005 the primary reason was to trek. It could not be as I developed a bad stomach after a few days. We suddenly found a lot of time to spend in the city, and it was not in our original plan. So, we ended by shopping in Leh. The … Read more

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Monks Monks Everywhere: In the Middle of the Main Market, Leh, india

This picture of monks in Leh was taken on our last day at the place. My husband had to buy something from the local market called Moti Market. I was too tried. I just sat on the steps opposite this monastery with other Tibetan people. This was quite close to the main market in Leh. … Read more

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Pang, Ladakh

Pang Ladakh brings back such strong memories. When we went on the Ladakh trip I had little idea what the road journey would be like. We started at 3.00 am, an obscene hour to be awake at, if you ask me, from Manali. Pang was the lunch spot. I was so tired and zonked in … Read more

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Markha Valley Trek, Ladakh, India

I will be doing the Markha Valley trek in Ladakh (India) this June. I was searching google to see what others have to say about it. From the number of travel tour operaters offering the Markha Valley trek and Leh Ladakh Tour Packages it seems half the world would be doing it. I hope it … Read more

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