A Village Called Nirona


I discovered the fascinating village of Nirona on my third trip to Kutch in Gujarat. I admit I am not big on crafts. But Nirona changed that completely. Our group visited 3 houses in the village, each specializing in a different craft. There was Mr. Husen’s home where they made copper bells, then we were … Read more

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Exploring Kutch with Rann Utsav 2018


I went back to Kutch in Gujarat for the third time in 2018. You may ask why do I keep going back to the same places? The answer is that I get to see only so much on one blogging trip and there is always more to explore on subsequent trips! My 2018 (and 2016) … Read more

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The Copper Bell House at Nirona- in the Crafts Village of Kutch, Gujarat


It was on my third visit to Kutch that I discovered Nirona. As we walk through its dusty lanes, it felt like a typical Indian village with small beautiful houses, its people curious about the newcomers! My first stop was the Copper Bell House at Nirona headed by Mr Husen Luhar. I was invited by … Read more

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The Handsome Men of Gujarat


What do you do after writing about women of Gujarat? Why you go ahead and write about the handsome men of Gujarat! As I said in the post before, I managed to click so many people because of Bernard, he is a pro, it was easy to stand next to him and click pictures. Gradually … Read more

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Beautiful Women of Gujarat


If you have been reading my blog for a while you might have noticed I hardly ever post people photos. The reason is street/people photography used to terrify me. Do notice the past tense, things somehow changed when I started photographing the beautiful women of Gujarat. Of course I clicked men too, but they will … Read more

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If you had to pick only one picture …

December is here and unlike the other years, I am in a full on reminiscences  mode. So I asked myself- which picture would I pick if I had to pick only one picture from each of my trips! Now there was a problem with this concept. If I picked even just one picture from each … Read more

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The Garbage Post

At the first glance the place seemed totally clean. Then I started walking on the salt, I realized that it was not so. Immediately after the platform you can get down and walk on the salt. People did leave garbage around this place. It completely stunned me. For me the landscape was so beautiful that … Read more

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Great Rann of Kutch- The Mirage, the Miracle!

When I set my eyes at the Great Rann of Kutch for the first time it felt like a mirage, shimmering and floating out there. I hardly have words to describe it, so I am just doing a photo feature. There was a 2 km long walking path that led to the heart of the Great … Read more

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Rukmavati Guest House Mandvi

To me Rukmavati Guest House (Mandvi, Gujarat) was recommended by Mr Krutarthsinh Jadeja from Devpur. When I walked into the place I saw a Tripadvisor sticker on the door. I made a mental note to talk about it. I was greeted by Mr. Vinod the owner of the place. After some confusion over my arrival dates, … Read more

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Narayan Sarovar and Koteshwar, Kutch, Gujarat

After spending about half a day at Lakhpat, my next stops in the day were Narayan Sarovar, Koteshwar. I was told that Narayan Sarovar has a religious significance and otherwise not much of a place. But as it is quite close to Lakhpat (35 km) I decided to check it out. At the other end … Read more

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