A Visit to the Yvel Design Center in Israel


I am not much of a jewelry person, I am more of a camera lens person and believe me the camera lenses are as expensive. I have browsed through jewelry displays before but it was at Yvel┬áDesign Center (Israel) that I stood and took notice! It is another matter that almost everything was way too … Read more

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Immigration Fun!

Immigration and fun are almost an oxymoron, at least in most of the places I visited. But Jordan changed all that, I can now say immigration fun in the same sentence. While going into Jordan. it was almost the same as anywhere else, getting out of Jordan was fun. But then first things first. I … Read more

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Immigration Experience at London Heathrow and Manchester Airport

Between 2007 and 2011 I traveled to UK (for work) 5 times. I went through London Heathrow thrice and Manchester twice. From London I would then travel to Oxford. And from Manchester my destination has been Lancaster. I actually liked Oxford City a lot. I would spend sometime in London as well but I am … Read more

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