Offbeat Tourist Places in Bhuj- Ramkund Stepwell

ramkund stepwell

Ramkund is a well preserved stepwell or ‘baori’ in Bhuj, Gujarat that is a little off the beaten path. I have been to Bhuj a few times and in 2019 I was willing to move away from the well known places like Aina Mahal and the Kutch Museum. I visited Gujarat in 2019 on an … Read more

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Sota Hua Sher

It is only after you get to see a sleeping lion you realize why they say ‘sote hue sher ko jagate nahin hain!’ (one should not mess up with a sleeping lion). Spotted this at Gir via the Skoda Yeti ROWE trip. Came back just today, loads of stories. But too tired today, I too … Read more

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