Double Trouble and I in Prague


Prague was the second trip when I took my niece and daughter, Vasu and Chhavi abroad. Together they are known as double trouble. The first time we went to Hong Kong,┬áit was in 2014. I was the only adult on both the trips! In 2015 the kids didn’t go abroad, I was too busy quitting … Read more

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Family Adventure Holidays


When it comes to family adventure holidays near Delhi we are spoiled for choices. We living in Delhi or National Capital Region (NCR) are just a hop away from Uttarakhand, Himachal Pradesh and Rajasthan, all hot beds for family friendly adventure vacations. When I say family it means my husband, my daughter and me. We … Read more

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Heading out to Hong Kong with Two Brats!

It is time to head out to Hong Kong with children, my daughter and my niece (my sister’s daughter), better known as Brat 3 and Brat 4. Brat 4 is my daughter by the way, she is the youngest of the lot. If you are wondering about Brat 1 and 2, they are my nephews … Read more

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