A Journey with a Group of Travel Agents


The trip to Gujarat was a journey with a group of travel agents. There was no other travel blogger in our group. There were five travel agents from West Bengal, one from Delhi, one from the Netherlands, two from the UK, and one freelance photographer from UK. We had two people from Gujarat Tourism traveling … Read more

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FAM Trips for Bloggers

On and often people ask me how do I get to go on many FAM trips for bloggers. And before you wonder FAM is a short form for familiarization. They are know by various other names like media trip, junket etc. There is a short answer to it and there is a long answer to … Read more

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The Singapore Airlines Business Class Experience

This year I have taken many flights. Last year I took even more flights. I know the drill, more so at T3 or 1D in Delhi, my home base. I can do it on auto-pilot, I don’t need to think much. So, I stood in line of the Singapore Airline counter this Monday and waited … Read more

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