Going Live from Facebook Bandstand- Mumbai Office


Blogging has given me many highs, going live from Facebook Mumbai Office recently was one such experience. I was coming to Mumbai to attend OTM, which is a trade show. So, when Tanvi from Facebook asked if I would be interested in visiting their office and going live from there, I was thrilled. I boarded … Read more

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Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Indiblogger- What Else do you Use?


When I started blogging, in 2005, there was no Twitter, there was no Instagram. I resisted Facebook or a long time. Let me be honest, for a long time I was not one of those who would jump at a new platform. I have still not tried Snapchat. I just opened Reddit before I typed … Read more

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An Unusual Tale- Nissan New Star of India

I hardly ever blog about movies. It is not that I don’t watch them but when it comes to writing I prefer travel! So when I heard about this movie, New Star of India, I was in two minds. But then my sister and her daughter are a big fan of Ranbir Kapoor so I … Read more

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