Dubai International Airport- My First Experience


Photo Credit- Jag_cz/Shutterstock I became acquainted with Dubai International Airport in 2001. I was flying Delhi-Dubai-Athens and back and was a Ph.D. student then. I was wide-eyed too, sometimes I miss that, I don’t think I am that wide-eyed anymore! This was my second trip abroad, the first being to Singapore in 1999! However, in … Read more

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If I Planned a Trip to Dubai


My acquaintance with Dubai is only with the airport and the Emirates. I have transited thrice but never ventured into the city yet. I have been only a transit passenger to Dubai till now. The first trip was in 2001 when I was flying to Athens for an academic conference. I had a 23 hour … Read more

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Emirates- Consistently Good!


I have taken three flights overall with Emirates. The first one was a long time back when I was traveling to Athens to attend an academic conference. The second and the third flights were to Manchester related to my work. So while the first flight was Delhi–Dubai–Athens, the other flights were Delhi-Dubai-Manchester and back. All … Read more

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