Dead Sea is So Much Fun- A Trip to the Israel Side!


As I walked towards the Ein Bobek Beach, my eyes, I am sure, were twinkling. Dead Sea is so much fun and I was getting a second chance to indulge. I was so looking forward to it! Ein Bobek is on the Israel side of the Dead Sea. Dead Sea is a landlocked salt lake … Read more

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Are you Traveling to Jordan?

If you are planning to travel to Jordan, I have some good news for you. Byond Travel is offering the readers of Travel Tales from India Rs 6000 off if you book your vacation with them through this link. Clicking on the link should show you a window with the picture shown above. You can … Read more

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The Dead Sea Experience in Jordan

It was my niece Vasudha who spiked my interest in the Dead Sea, Jordan when she heard that her masiĀ (Aunt) was going. She read in her geography lesson that you could easily float in the Dead Sea. She was quite excited that I was visiting it. Of course she wanted to come but I gave … Read more

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