Celler La Vinyeta in Catalonia, Spain


It was a nice sunny day. Our van almost got stuck on a narrow lanes of Mollet de Peralada¬†when an elderly man came out and told our driver to back up and take another road. After that we arrived at the Celler La Vinyeta soon. I have visited a vineyard in Khao Yai, Thailand too … Read more

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Flying Barcelona Zurich Delhi with Swiss


There was a time when the thought of catching a flight would make my eyes sparkle. Then I started catching about 4 flights in a month! Soon, I just wanted to reach my destination and flight became a necessary ‘thing’ to get there. I was saying to someone recently, “I no longer enjoy flights, I … Read more

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Temps de Flors- Girona Flower Festival 2017


I was lucky to attend the Girona Flower Festival 2017, known as Temps de Flors. This was my first visit to the beautiful region of Catalonia in Spain. The Temps de Flors started in 1954. This year it was held from 13 to 21 May. The beautiful city of Girona gets decked in floral arrangements … Read more

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Booking Flight Tickets- The Fun Never Ends


If possible, I like to book my own holidays from beginning to end. Two factors lead to significant costs on any holiday, flights and hotel. More often than not flights cost more than hotels.¬† I feel like I have won a lottery when I find a cheap flight on my own. My Maldives and Sri … Read more

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Dolphin Watching in Muscat, Oman- When Magic Happened!


I have done dolphin watching before, the kind where you see two dolphins in a blink it and you miss it kind of experience! Dolphin Watching In Muscat was on my itinerary in Oman too. It was a 8-9 am slot and I was wondering if it was too late in the day? I was … Read more

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Coolpad Max- My Companion on the UK Trip


I used the recently launched Coolpad Max on my trip to UK. It was given to me and it is mine to keep! I have a beautiful one, the rose gold color! It is priced at Indian Rupees 24,999. It is an android phone! Specifications The phone has a 5.5 inch display, it felt good … Read more

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