Postcards from Hanoi, Vietnam

Lotte Observation Deck Hanoi

I visited Vietnam in the October of 2019 on a blogging trip with IndiGo when they launched their inaugural flight from Kolkata to Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. This trip happened pre-covid. If I have learned one thing in 2020, it is not to take travel for granted. In today’s post I show you some … Read more

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How Well Have You Explored Your Own City?


When I used to work, I frequently used to say, “when I travel I want to put at least 400-500 kilometers between me and home, the more the better!” And I usually did that. In the process I have hardly explored my own backyard. The most recent round of realization came after looking at some … Read more

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Kota Kinabalu City, Malaysia in Pictures


I will always associate Kota Kinabalu with rains, OK may be not always, but surely till the next trip. Due to the rains we could not go island hopping on our schedule. But that gave us half a day to explore the landmarks of the city which was fun. In this post I show you … Read more

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In the City- Weekly Photography Challenge at DPS

Some of you may remember I used to participate in Weekly Photography Challenge at DPS. I had thought I would do it every week. And then I let it slip. I am back again with the In the City Weekly Challenge. Clicked this one at Noida. And apart from the metro train in the background … Read more

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View of the Jaipur City from the Nahargarh Fort

The view of the Jaipur city from the Nahargarh Fort is quite amazing. I had scouted on Indiamike about suitable places to click sunset and got the Nahargarh suggestion. To reach Nahargarh one crosses the same road as that leads to the Jaigarh Fort. I reached there much before sunset. The fort receives much less visitors and … Read more

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Lazy Sunday Photo- Oxford City Again

Oxford City, UK   There is a high chance that I will visit the city of Oxford for a week again in June. If it happens, it would be the first time I manage to visit a foreign place twice. Of course the trip would be related to work. But I hope the summer would … Read more

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Sweating in Leeds- I Can Get Lost in a Telephone Booth

If you look at the picture I will try to tell a story. This is Leeds City Center. I was trying to find a place around it! It is the story about me being capable of getting lost in a telephone booth if it has two exits! Photo Credit Alastair Wallace / When I reached … Read more

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