Ten Things to Know Before you Travel to Spiti


Looking at your comments on my previous posts, a lot more people seem to be willing to travel to Spiti, Himachal Pradesh. To make your journey more comfortable here are ten things to know before you travel to Spiti. It might provide some food for thought as well! Prepare for High Altitude Kaza the district … Read more

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How to Reach Chandratal Lake


I did a trip to Lahaul and Spiti in August 2015. When I posted some pictures of Chandratal Lake, people asked me how to go there, was there a resort nearby, etc. In this post I try to answer some questions related to How to reach Chandratal Lake? This is when I assume you are … Read more

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Postcards from Lahaul and Spiti


Everyone should visit Lahaul and Spiti once in their lifetimes. It was my third third trip to the region. I went in 2007 when we trekked through the region and then more recently to Chandratal in 2014. I say that one trip per year to Spiti is a must! I hope you will enjoy my … Read more

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Have You Visited Chandratal in Spiti?

If you have visited Chandratal in Spiti, you could stop reading now. If you are yet to visit the region, what are you waiting for? Ladakh has now become very popular with tourists. Spiti is equally beautiful and less crowded. I find the terrain very similar at both the places. But there is one crucial … Read more

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The Mesmerizing Chandratal

After walking for 14 kilometers or so, I was happy to crawl into my tent which others had kindly pitched. Dilip and I were sharing the tent. What I didn’t like though, was the rain. It had been falling incessantly since we started trekking. Only rain in ┬áSpiti means light tip tip drops. You will … Read more

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