Dress Code for Women in Ajman


I have now visited Dubai, Sharjah and Ajman and crossed through Fujairah. However I have stayed only in Dubai and Sharjah for a few days on separate trips. I hoped over to Ajman from Sharjah on a whim. It was a short day trip, I really did not send much time in Ajman. Still, here … Read more

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Sharjah to Ajman by Bus


I sat down to write how to travel from Sharjah to Ajman by bus! And then I realized that all I know is that I traveled between the two points somehow! I didn’t have data on my mobile in Sharjah and that I can now say is a handicap! I didn’t know the distances or … Read more

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Sultan Saray Restaurant Ajman, United Arab Emirates

I hopped over to Ajman on a whim, from my trip to Sharjah. It was my free day, and after a lot of confusion (self-created) I eventually stumbled over to Ajman. The choice was a bit of convenience and a bit of serendipity. Sultan Saray was my lunch stop. I will get to it in … Read more

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