Kayaking at the Ha Long Bay, Vietnam


I has the opportunity to go Kayaking a few times on my various trips. When I got a choice between going on a bamboo boat or kayaking at the Ha Long Bay in Vietnam, I picked the latter! However, in my group there were only three takers for the activity and I was without a … Read more

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Skywatch Friday- Para Sailing at Goa- Evening Sky

For today’s skywatch I post two pictures from para-sailing in Goa. I also did it but minus my camera. Later I stood at the beach and clicked the activity. Realized once again the virtue of using the camera in the manual mode as picture after picture clicked in auto mode had a focal point which … Read more

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My First Ever Scuba Dive at Havelock

How do you put in words the experience of my first scuba dive at Havelock? I don’t know how but I am still going to try. I spent a week in Port Blair and Havelock. I came back to reality just yesterday. I had more nights at Port Blair and less at Havelock but that … Read more

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